Pokemon Dash (DS)   - £9.99 or less delivered @ Shopto.com!

Pokemon Dash (DS) - £9.99 or less delivered @ Shopto.com!

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Found 24th Sep 2008
An older game , but good for Pokemon fans - Pokemon Dash (DS) is £9.99 delivered @ Shopto.com. Next cheapest i see is £17.99.

For further savings (£1) use discount code: shoptovoucher

Race your rivals! Race as Pikachu in a whole new way using the stylus slide-action to reach the goal in record time. Meet Munchlax! Don't be surprised when you run across an unfamiliar face -- Munchlax, the pre-evolved form of Snorlax.

Connect for more courses! Hook up with GBA Pokemon versions: Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald to create new courses in the shape of your GBA Pokemon. Race your friends! Up to six players can complete using their own Pokemon Dash game cards.

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