Pokemon HeartGold Version ds @ coolshop.co.uk £16.96

Pokemon HeartGold Version ds @ coolshop.co.uk £16.96

Found 13th Apr 2012
quite an old game but always holds its price so this seems the cheapest at mo.Cartridge only are selling on ebay for nearly same price
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I was kicking myself for not picking a copy of this up before. Infact, had no idea how much my pokemon games were all worth.

Ebayed all my old gb/gbc pokemon games for a small fortune. (red, blue, gold, silver and crystal) the spinoffs aren't worth much though

I decided to get back into it all again. So buying this, and Black 2 later this year.

I took a chance and bought this, having read some mixed reviews on the company. The pokewalkers sell for at least £10 alone, so even if you're only after the game...

I am gonna see how the pokewalker is though. It's gotta be useful/fun in the long run.
Deal's now gone Glad I bit early!
The deals still on, I received mine today and i'm content with the delivery. It's not an issue but just so you are aware the game is German or of some other European language, it means the box and artwork is mainly German but the game is English and requires no additional set up so it's still an extremely good deal. Pokemon games never go down in price.
The game is in Norwegian I believe. I received mine this morning and the game is in English despite part of the box being in the other language. Overall, great deal.
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