Pokemon Large Plush Assortment - £8.49 @ Argos

Pokemon Large Plush Assortment - £8.49 @ Argos

Found 20th Nov 2017Edited by:"Haylium"
Saw these when trying to work out how to spend my £5 voucher. Reduced from £16.99. Bigger than the ones being sold for £10 in most stores.
Went to a few different argos stores and managed to get the Ash's hat Pikachu, Raichu and Dratini.
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Heat 1 in stock let's hope it's a good one! Thank you
Picked up a Rotom and seen Pikachu with hat so far but not seen anything else.
Oos in all the stores near me
laura1018513 m ago

Oos in all the stores near me

Try again tomorrow or Wednesday. I reserved loads that i didn't pick up, just to make sure that they had a selection in stock by the time i went to the store to collect (naughty i know).
Edited by: "Haylium" 20th Nov 2017
Finally, pikachu nicked ash's hat and dumped him on the side of the road.
Be warned it's a lucky dip, you can choose which!
Got a Snorlax for the boy....for £8.49 :-)
Great find OP!

Maybe Argos is trying to create a real-life Pokemon experience with the lucky dip by making us travel across the land, searching far and wide
Reserved 2 Thank you
Toys r us price matched so i got a Snorlax! Worth a try if you can't find the one you want and they are showing as in stock in your area.
Thank you!

Got a Pikachu today. Have 2 more reserved but still thinking about it.
Got Snorlax and Rotom - that's all they had and that's all we wanted.
Got pickachu dratini snorlax and evee from doncaster
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