Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo version free Ash-Greninja to transfer to the full game from Nintendo eShop

Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo version free Ash-Greninja to transfer to the full game from Nintendo eShop

Found 18th Oct 2016
Pokemon Sun and Moon confirmed that the demo is to come in "late morning" in Europe today.

Download the game from your Nintendo eShop and play the game to obtain Ash-Greninja and a few more things to bring it to your full game later in November when release.

The link is Pokémon Sun and Moon demo guide - How to unlock Ash-Greninja and transfer to the full game
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wonderful thanks
Original Poster

wonderful thanks

welcome, I`m still waiting for it to release in the eShop. I think it might be at between 10am - 11am.
nice thanks.
The demo is live now!
Original Poster

The demo is live now!

Yup, enjoy the game
You can get the free demo here
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played the demo and it feels and looks so refreshing. Glad pokemon changed it up a bit
might need to buy a 3ds now
brilliant, thanks!
Thanks OP.

Other little tips - beat the 3 trainers in the wild area to the north after finishing the challenge to receive a star piece.

Catch 3 or more pokemon in the challenge to the east of the wild area to receive a golden nugget.

An article here also notes something about receiving daily rewards - which I haven't tested myself: http://bgr.com/2016/10/19/pokemon-sun-moon-demo-secret-rewards/

What do you mean, get a life?
Think I'd have preferred it if they'd stuck to the tried and tested gym system rather than this trials rubbish but I'll pick it up anyway. Worth noting you can also earn other freebies to transfer to the main game other than the special ability Greninja - so far I've found Nuggets and Pretty Wings but it seems like there's a new event in the demo every few days or so that unlocks a new transferable gift as a reward.
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