Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon: Ultra Dual Edition NEW £59.99@game.co.uk

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon: Ultra Dual Edition NEW £59.99@game.co.uk

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Found 4th Feb
Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon Dual Fan Edition contains one copy of Pokémon Ultra Sun and one copy of Pokémon Ultra Moon. The pack also includes a collectible Steelbook case - featuring two new Pokémon forms that resemble the Legendary Pokémon, Solgaleo from Pokémon Sun and Lunala from Pokémon Moon.
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already own moon
Its currently £85 at Nintendo store, this is the lowest this has ever been, if you are a collector it well worth it. You can trade in Moon at cex for 25 voucher and get this
Why is this cold? I've only just got myself a 3DS not long ago. I'm buying all the pokemon games and going through them.

Is this not a good deal?
If you are a Pokemon fan it worth getting this. The next cheapest is on eBay going for £69.99 through play uk. If the game been out for 6 months already sold by game, there a 20% chance that it not brand new sealed so it likely that it cold for that reason. Nintendo boxes aren't sealed but the 2 games inside are if that helps. It will probably have a game sticker to prevent customers from opening it, so you can video it on your mobile if you are wary of it being 2 games not sealed inside.

Unlike Grainger games where there are limited stores, game do have the advantage of more shops so you can return it if its preowned sold as new. (for the record Grainger games are good at used & like new prices sold, this is simply a reference if the game is damaged)
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The main reason GAME copies get their seal broken is they use 2 copies of a game in store as display, thus, they break the seal, remove the game and put the case on display with the RRP.

This should be a behind-the-counter display though 🤔
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