Poker Chips - £12.99 @ Aldi !

Poker Chips - £12.99 @ Aldi !

Found 4th Nov 2008
"Life is like a peice of steak, cold tough & the chips are always stacked against you"

Contains all you need to play the world?favourite bluffing game.

300 11.5g chips
2 decks of poker cards
Dealer button
5 dice and shaker
Aluminium carry case


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I still can not seem to get an image on a thread.

How is this done.

Not sure what the usual price for something like this would be but for anyone near a Home Bargains/Quality Save, they have a few different chip/poker set packs for around £5.

This could be good for someone in the South though..?


I still can not seem to get an image on a thread.How is this done.:oops:

I believe I have this set (looks exactly the same, got mine off ebay) Good quality and reasonably heavy chips.

Cards aren't very good, if your going to play poker buy some genuine poker cards.

These chips, do they taste good? My advice to all, the only chips you should dabble in are those that taste good - those that flop, turn, run like a river, or are blind in a small and big way are dangerous, be careful, please, seriously. I would not recommend it until you have studied it very well, and do some serious research and study first, please.
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