Polar Gear Trolley coolbag £3.00 @ Halfords instore

Polar Gear Trolley coolbag £3.00 @ Halfords instore

Found 9th Jan 2015Made hot 10th Jan 2015
saw this trolley coolbag in my local store, not sure if it is a national deal or if it is available online as the sire is down.

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It is not cool!

Could you please tell us which local store?

which store plss..


Not available online

Cheapest I've seen this is £14.99!! Steal if you get your hands on one! Heat added


Not available online

Not cool then (_;)

Bargain if you can get one.

which store is this in ?

I got one last time on this offer, the bag itself and wheels are very good, the handle is a bit flimsy but the carry handles are nice and strong. Not especially thick insulation so not great at keeping the cold in

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Sorry for not posting the location, it's the Bangor store in north Wales

do you have a product code on your receipt?


which store plss..

No need to swear!!

No stock in Basingstoke. Great deal though!

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Don't have a product code or receipt as i did not actually buy one.
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