Polar RS800SD Heart Rate Monitor + Footpod! £239.99@JE James (save 33% over £354.50)

Polar RS800SD Heart Rate Monitor + Footpod! £[email protected] James (save 33% over £354.50)

Found 28th Oct 2010
Top of the range running computer with the expensive Polar S3 footpod (excellent stride cadence & measurement). Next cheapest is ebay @£272

Only applicable for those wanting detailled feedback, not for your casual runner (unless they have money to burn)

This is the slightly older RS800SD model that doesnt integrate as well with the cycling gps!

"If you want the best planning, monitoring and the best analysis of your running than there is no better watch than the Polar RS800sd - period.

Developed in support of world-class runners and their coaches to help upgrade efficiency, stride length, and the turnover speed between foot falls.

It's a fine line attempting to find the balance between leg power and speed which is what the proper cadence will accomplish. The less time your feet are in contact with the ground, for a specified distance, than the faster you will be. The S3 Stride Sensor ontains micro-equipment to produce very constant and precise tempo and measurement of distance. The S3 fits straight in selected Adidas shoes such as the Fusion and the S3 is unaffected by water, plus has a user replaceable battery.

Polar has got the chest strap action figured out with what is arguably the most comfortable chest strap going - the Wearlink WIND. In attendance are more recent capabilities that are significant besides the chest belt and stride sensor, that are part of the package with the Polar RS800sd. The recent Runners Indicator attribute combines speed and heart rate information gathered all through the run. This allows regular data
regarding the athlete's operational level on both running efficiency and fitness.

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"After your work out is complete you can opt for complete training analysis with the Polar ProTrainer 5 software that comes with the Polar RS800sd, or use other popular training software. Just use an IRDA USB adapter and away you go, wirelessly transferring data to your computer.

Inside the box the RS800sd includes the monitor, chest strap, stride sensor footpod, aUSB data transfer device and the software. It's worth noting that Polar has two watches, the RS800sd and the RS800 Run, that come identically equipped.

You can use infrared data transfer with the RS800sd to load your data quickly to your computer. If your PC doesn't already possess an infrared port, use a Polar Infrared adapter device to transfer feedback from the RS800sd to your computer.

Polar's RS800sd is, without a doubt, the superior runners device for athletes who demand the top-level of their performances plus the finest in existing equipment. The best triathlon watch we ever tested was the Garmin 310XT, the RS800sd is, without a doubt, the finest running monitor by a long shot.

The Polar RS800sd keeps track of your pulse, tempo and distance while on the run, caloric consumption, circuit information and much more. It records your stride with the assistance of the foot pod that rides in your shoe laces or else squeezes inside the unique holding unit in some Adidas running shoes. The s3 stride sensor, which comes with the Polar RS800sd, indicates tempo and mileage making use of inertial technology.
Following your run, transfer all of your feedback directly to your computer right away to observe stride and related information along with your pulse feedback.
These stupendous technology improvements are why we awarded the Polar RS800sd with 4.9 out of five stars, which creates a dead heat for 1st place among the best ratings we have yet awarded"

Difference between models found here:

Anothr user review: runnerplus.com/for…iew
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