Polaroid 220gsm Photo Paper 50 Sheets 6x4 or 12 sheets A4 - £1 @ Poundland

Polaroid 220gsm Photo Paper 50 Sheets 6x4 or 12 sheets A4 - £1 @ Poundland

Found 30th Aug 2010
In Poundland today I picked up a 50 pack of 6x4 Polaroid branded 220gsm photo paper, and a 12 pack of A4 220gsm photo paper for £1 each.

This gives a page cost of 2p per 6x4 and around 8p per A4.

I tried a 6x4 in my Canon printer and it came out fine - better than Poundland's own brand 6x4 'Superior photo paper', which came out all smudgy and had no sharpness when I bought it a few months ago. Not quite as good as the Agfa branded photo paper I have, but that does have a higher gsm. Dries instantly too.

EDIT: 7x5 available too
"scotsann - Aug 30, 2010 20:12
Edinburgh St James' Centre also had 50 sheets of the 7x5. I got some on Friday."

Available in 7x5" matt or gloss finish. You can also get a pack of 3 sheets of A4 canvas paper for extra special photos.
- montblanc
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Superb deal, voted hot! Thanks, I'll being visiting Poundland tomorrow.
got some at the weekend and print off great on my epson printer xx X)
Think I'll be visiting Poundland tomorrow!!
For just £1? At Poundland? Well, I never!
Edinburgh St James' Centre also had 50 sheets of the 7x5. I got some on Friday.
They have some good stuff in there from to time.

Well spotted!

Edinburgh St James' Centre also had 50 sheets of the 7x5. I got some on … Edinburgh St James' Centre also had 50 sheets of the 7x5. I got some on Friday.

7x5 is even better, have updated original post, thanks
7x5 is only 180gsm, also watch out for some of the 6x4 packs which contain 60 sheets as they're also only 180gsm....noticed on ebay these are going anywhere from £2 to £3.50 a pack....
Watch out with this stuff,

It's all off cuts which basically means when they make it in the factory and one or more chemicals runs out at the end of a batch etc they cut out the bad stuff with a bit extra to be sure they got it all so you'll find about 20% of this paper works and 80% will show the phenomenon some might be familiar with where the ink just sits in pools on top of the paper. You'll also tend to find different finishes from one back to another, some are more glossy than others and sometimes the glossy film peels off too.

It's a shame Polaroid would allow their name to be put on this rubbish.

I'm always on the look out for decent cheap photo paper but stuff like this is a real lucky dip. I work at a cartridge store and our own brand stuff is quite good value but the colour is noticeably colder than other papers so it's not quite perfect.

I bought some HP everyday photo paper semi gloss recently and that was pretty good but a bit thin. Apparently Jessops own brand is a good price/quality ration but I haven't tried it myself.
Listen to fatdeeman! I bought some of this the other day thinking it was a bargain and I haven't manager to print anything like a decent photograph on it. I think every sheet in my batch is garbage. Thanks for the heads-up fatdeeman - don't throw your £1 away on this tat.
Agree with Fatdeeman, I bought four 6x4" Polaroid (220gsm) from poundland.
Two packs were perfect and the other two the prints came out blotchy. It was like printing on glass.
The two batches are visibily different. I am more annoyed at polaroid than poundland
I just bought some from ebay and it is awful - the ink peels off the edges - cannot believe Polaroid put their name on this rubbish - do not buy!!
We just bought 20 packs of A4 paper to print my daughter's ALevel photography work. This paper is TERRIBLE, producing blotchy poor quality prints. I strongly advise not buying. It's a shame that Polaroid put their name to it as it does their reputation no good at all. You might as well put your £s down the drain!
fully agree with the last couple of posts. The HP photo paper that came with it produced very good photos, with this paper, the photos smear and the ink does indeed pool. its cheaper to use jessops online service and wait till you have 200 photos as its only 5p a photo then- very cheap considering ink costs, paper electricity, time etc.
Alternatively rymans has a buy one get one free offer on its everyday paper that which? rates quite highly and its about £9 for 100 sheets which therefore means £9 for 200 sheets - of paper that actually works
This stuff has been 'product recalled' when I tried to buy some earlier. Just googled it to find out if there was a reason and found this thread (shame i didn't read it before i went shopping).... the poor quality must be the reason.
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