Polaroid Freescape MPU-43315B 4.3" Portable Media Player 60 GB HDD Gloss Black at Amazon £59.99 Delivered!

Polaroid Freescape MPU-43315B 4.3" Portable Media Player 60 GB HDD Gloss Black at Amazon £59.99 Delivered!

Found 4th Dec 2008Made hot 6th Dec 2008
Polaroid Freescape MPU-43315B 4.3" Portable Media Player 60 GB HDD Gloss Black at Amazon £59.99 Delivered!

Product Features

* Video: Can hold 120 Hrs recordable Video
* Supports DivX 4, 5 & 6
* Audio: Can hold 15K Audio tracks
* Also displays album artwork (if available)
* FM Radio built in
* E-music promotion - 35 Free downloads
* Advance features: Wi-Fi Capable
* Can download Podcasts (Audio)
* 16 Hrs Audio Battery life
* 4.5 Hrs Video life
* Battery is replaceable


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Manufacturer's Description
With the Polaroid Freescape PMP, you can take all your favourite movies, music and pictures with you and enjoy it anywhere. High hard drive capacity means that you won’t have to worry about which files to leave at home. Wireless LAN and Security Key Enabled connectivity lets you enjoy Podcasts downloaded from the Internet directly to the device without a PC and to share files with others. The FM radio tuner enables you to listen to the radio station you prefer wherever you are.

With a 480 x 272 resolution, 4.3 inch bright colour LCD screen, you can expect the visual experience of picture quality that Polaroid is known for. You can zoom in to pictures and display album artwork. Gloss black front and blue backlit touch keys make the Polaroid PMP a sleek, stylish handset that is light enough to carry in your pocket. A 5-way navigation button and auto/manual bookmark feature allows you to be in full control, with a customisable On Screen Display T-bar. Syncs with Windows Media Player allows you to transfer all content that is on your Media Player onto the device, so convenience and ease use is combined with the modern design. Polaroid Freescape PMP. Free your music, video and pictures!
What’s in the Box
AC adapter
USB cable
AV cable

This has had a lot of bad reviews. Avoid I think..!!!!!

Bad reviews the Internet over... not just Amazon!

same price on play.com as well

Rather buy from Play with the extra money off and quidco


These are notorious- buy one if you want people to point at you and laugh


same price on play.com as well

Polaroid Freescape MPU-43315B 4.3" Portable Media Player With 60GB Storage (Gloss Black)

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£59.99 Free Delivery
RRP: £99.99 | You save: £40.00 (40%)

Pre-order. | Due for release on 13/12/2008

pre order LOL

Is it a touchscreen?

It's a brick with apparently bad software, but still good value if you don't need to put it in a pocket.

I was just thinking it would make a good digital photoframe. 60Gb of storage, just leave it plugged in doing a slideshow. About the same price as a mid-range frame.

looks like a nightmare, stay away from this at ALL costs.

Doesn't look good ..... some things need to be FREE to make them worth having ..... this looks like one of those!

looke at getting one of these for a pressie for one of the kids, but looking at reviews all over the internet it seems like it is a shiny plastic turd.
bought the zen instead..
widely praised and looks great!

what would be a good alternative?

psp is probably the closest thing - £130 though


what would be a good alternative?

A hammer and hit ya head

Spend another £30-£40 and get a second hand N800. Amazing little devices these are, or a PSP or Ipod Touch - although they are slightly more expensive.

Reviews are shocking but im still tempted by the 60gb for £60, have ran out of space on my 20gb sony walkman and going on skiing friday!

Does anyone who have commented actually have this? I've had one for couple of months now and had no problems. People who have reviewed this clearly did not read instructions before using it! Shame it's got bad rep. I am very happy with it!
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