Polaroid Pogo Bluetooth portable printer Half Price only £48.93 @ O2

Polaroid Pogo Bluetooth portable printer Half Price only £48.93 @ O2

Found 19th Mar 2009
Half price at O2 - instore only
Printer paper half price as well.

Great fun for mobile phone users. Prints out 2x3 pictures directly from bluetooth enabled phones.
Has internal li-ion battery, so can be taken out and about with no main cable.

Won "accessory of the year award"


Link to O2 (online no discount):

Mobile Printer:
Size 120mm (4.7) H X 72mm (2.8) W X 23.5mm (0.9) D
Weight 8 oz (without paper) includes battery
Battery 7.2V rechargeable lithium-ion
15 Prints per charge at 25 C Battery is replaceable
User Interface 2 Tri-Colour LED indicators
AC Adapter 9V output Universal Input 100V to 240 VAC
Printer will print when plug into the AC adapter
Connectivity Bluetooth (Class 2) OPP USB 2.0 USB A connector
Print Speed 60 seconds per print, from send to share

specs ZINK Paper:
Size 50mm (2) X 76.2mm (3)
Features Full-bleed, borderless image
ZINK inkless printing embeds colour into the paper
Prints dry-to-touch, water-resistant, tear-proof, smudge-proof
Peel-off, sticky-backed
Automatic image quality optimization


no direct link , and the price is now 97.86,

Pink one is £50 at Play play.com/Ele…tml inc delivery. Black was aswell last week, think they been pushing them a bit... But looks like the price is going back up now.

Yep - price is back up now - COLD sorry.

He said Instore only.

And the cost per picture is how much, exactly?


And the cost per picture is how much, exactly?

give or take 30p (they are stickers aswell)

Thanks. A good way to burn money.


Thanks. A good way to burn money.

To be honest the Pogo is a great little innovation and would be fantastic for a traveller who keeps a travel diary/journal or someone who keeps photo journals because the photos are self adehsive and small enough to fit in journals.

if i had the spare cash i would probably pick one up.

My 2 year old daughter is going to love one of these.

Thanks OP, voted hot.

I bought one of these at Christmas after reading amazing reviews everywhere, i have to say it is a load of rubbish, it hasn't been used since, nor has the extra paper i bought to go with it, wish i could have gotten my money back. Not even a scratch on the original Polaroid prints. Big shame.

These are rubbish at printing. Used one in work when they first came out, and the print quality on them is very very bad. Dont waste your money!


no direct link , and the price is now 97.86,

Half price at O2 - instore only

Quality is not great but is good. I certainly wouldn't say quality is rubbish.

For a throw away novelty item then if £50 isn’t too expensive, I’d recommend.

Depends on your own circumstances I guess, £50 is nothing to some, and a lot to others.

I purchased one on Saturday and my 2 year old loves it.

She’s making all sorts of photos to go anywhere she can stick them.

Running costs are 30p a print.

No ink required = no mess.

Happy to say she'll definitely be playing with it for much longer than a "throw away item" though.
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