Polaroid PoGo instant photo printer only £44.95 @Firebox (plus delivery)

Polaroid PoGo instant photo printer only £44.95 @Firebox (plus delivery)

Found 18th May 2009
Firebox have dropped the price of the Polaroid PoGo printer by about half, to £49.95. Using one of the attached vouchers you can get it for £44.95 plus £3.95 delivery. Its almost £80 on Amazon!

Brimming with breakthrough technology, this ultra-sleek inkless portable printer is brought to you by Polaroid, legendary purveyors of instant piccies, and it's just as idiot-proof as the photo-spewing cameras you played with back in the day. All you do is send your pics to the PoGo wirelessly via Bluetooth (mobile phone) or with a USB lead (PictBridge-friendly camera) and watch in awe as this smart gizmo churns out a quality image on a 2"x3" slice of sticky-back photo paper in under 60 seconds. In a word, wow! You can then peel off the backing and stick your pics wherever you fancy.

Comes with 10 sheets of paper, refills cost £7.95 for 30 or £17.95 for 70. Paper includes the ink within it, so you don't need seperate cartridges.

Currently only pink one is in stock, looks like black will be back in a couple of days. Top-tip: noticed recently that if you preorder something the postage is less (about £2 I think), so worth doing if you want this.

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2"x3", thats the deal breaker right there! i would get it but thats just way too small for anything but sticking in your wallet! Would get old real fast! bring back old polaroid cameras!
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