Police Academy 1-7 DVD box set £10.95 @ zavvi

Police Academy 1-7 DVD box set £10.95 @ zavvi

Found 28th Nov 2011
Police Academy The call went out. The recruits came in. No longer would police cadets have to meet standards of height weight or other requirements. Brains were optional too. Can't spell IQ? Don't know the number 911? No matter. Police Academy grads are ready to uphold law and disorder! Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment When the newly graduated misfits in blue tangle with these pinheaded punks the result is an open-and-shut case of nonstop hilarity!. Steve Guttenberg George Gaynes and other Police Academy originals return to the roll call: it's a riot (a laugh-riot)
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Amazing price.... heat added.
Love these films and Hightower died this year, may buy in tribute! RIP HIGHTOWER
Good deal, does anyone know if there is a blu ray version of this?
Just ordered one for a gift and one for myself bit of a bargain I must say ... Heat added
6 was the best one. Kidding... second best.
Good price for this collection, but been this sort of price before at The Hut/Zavvi so i will wait til later in the week because usually have some kind of discount code on offer. Was too late for the 10% off code The Hut offered this morning.
An alright film and 6 drinks coasters for just over a tenner. Bargain.
Thanks. Have ordered for my son.

An alright film and 6 drinks coasters for just over a tenner. Bargain.

oh come on none of them are digital copy discs, now those are coasters, at least in my house.

to be honest most of them had some great moments. even number 7 had one or two decent bits. i believe they both belonged to Callahan.
First 6 films are great. Heat given.
Im quite partial to a bit of silly comedy, the first film is good though and the other 6 are okay.
I paid £20 5 or 6 years ago for the box set but £10 for 7 films? Thats a lot of viewing, HOT DEAL!
I bought this set for a tenner a few years ago. Good set - the only thing that surprised me was that the first 6 movies are in Mono with #7 being the only movie recorded in Stereo.

I doubt they'll re-release the set on Blu-Ray any time soon (perhaps with the exception of the first film).
Yeah I was thinking that about the blu-ray they'll probabily release the first one then the rest in time. Bought this on DVD for about £50, absolutely love these films.
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