Police Academy 7 disc box set Amazon £17.98 delivered!
Police Academy 7 disc box set Amazon £17.98 delivered!

Police Academy 7 disc box set Amazon £17.98 delivered!

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I have been looking for this box set for a while, it is the cheapest I can see. Personally, the film with Zed in is my favourite.
This multi-pack contains the first seven films from the popular POLICE ACADEMY series.
POLICE ACADEMY: A big city mayor-elect, eager to make good on a campaign promise to increase-the-peace, waives entry requirements for the police force. The result: mishap, mayhem and mismanagement, as the force is flooded with bumbling buffoons, idealistic idiots, and quixotic quipsters. The crooks never had it so good.
POLICE ACADEMY 2: The crazy "Police Academy" graduates are on the street now, and the not unexpected result is sheer chaos. One of their first assignments is to put a stop to a gang of vicious spray-painters.
POLICE ACADEMY 3: In this second POLICE ACADEMY sequel, the bungling officers' academy is threatened by a state budget crunch, and if more horrible policemen are to graduate from it in the future, then they must find some way to save it.
POLICE ACADEMY 4: Where the cockeyed cops left off in the first three films, the motley misfits have taken over as the C.O.P. - Citizens on Patrol.
POLICE ACADEMY 5: Commandant Lassard is to receive one last honoUr before retirement, having been named Policeman of the Decade for the police chiefs convention in Miami Beach, and his loyal misfits decide to take their vacation and join him.
POLICE ACADEMY 6: The bumbling crimefighters take on a mysterious mastermind and his army of goons.
POLICE ACADEMY 7: The inept Police Academy grads are sent on a top-secret mission to undermine a nefarious Moscow Mafia plot. Filmed on location in the former Soviet Union.
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£17.99 + quidco @ HMV


]http//hm…159 might aswell get it from hmv @ 1p more and get 7% quidco

I think the first Police Academy film was okay. Why they ever made another 6 is beyond me.......good price for the boxset but pi** awful films......
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