Polycell stain stop £1.99 @ home bargains

Polycell stain stop £1.99 @ home bargains

Found 26th May 2013
Usually at least £10 a can not bad and really does work, good for any damp stains ect


Will this work on my underpants?

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Worth a go, only comes in white though.

So this is like a sealant? Some thing like PVC Glue? I have a damp patch on a wall adjacent to the bathroom and it eventually grows a bit moldy (a bit like that guys underpants) will this help?

This stuff is great, it got rid of a leak patch from the upstairs bathroom, after three coats of paint the stain was still coming through, one spray of this and a coat of paint and it had completely gone, six months later still no stain, so heat from me. I think I paid around £6 at B&Q for a can.
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does it get rid of skid marks on boxers
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