Polyfilla (in the Powder Form) - 950grams - 0.44p @ Tesco

Polyfilla (in the Powder Form) - 950grams - 0.44p @ Tesco

Found 1st Dec 2011

Went to my local Tesco. They had Polyfilla interior crack filler boxes (powder form) for 44pence.

Over a fiver at other DIY stores.

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Or you could sell it to the local junkies. Maximise your profit

This stuff is the best mouse trap money can buy! If you think you have a mouse, put a plate of this stuff down, they will eat it, then it will turn hard inside! Usual mouse traps were useless on our mouse, cheeky **** managed to steel the cheese every time!
The motherinlaw was needing cosmetics for xmas, this seems like a good deal - hot.
And ze' prize for guessing the OP's local store goes to.....

I walked up to a girl in a club the other night. She asked what my name was.
"Bond," I replied
"Oh, and I suppose your first name is James?" she giggled
"No, it's Uni. I'm here to fill your crack".

Well, it made me laugh. I'll get me coat
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Cracking price , have some heat
nice find
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