Pop Up Gazebo £4.99 B&M

Pop Up Gazebo £4.99 B&M

Found 30th Aug 2017
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Great price...crap site. Can't get stock levels, so have to drive 14 miles in the hope there is one in store.
Amazing price!! Was this a home store or bargains store please?
Can't get stock levels either my local store has not a clue. Crappy
Bargain if there is any in stock
All stock from home and garden store clearanxe
Just went to the new B&M Oldham Garden centre branch, big sign outside saying "Now Open". Asked a worker where the gazebos are.. he said "We don't sell garden stuff anymore" I said 'But it's a garden centre" he said "the garden centre doesn't open till September 8th, Gazebos are seasonal, we're on Halloween now" I rolled my eyes, said "Halloween, in August" and just left. What a joke
All garden stuff cleared away in my local Southend B&M looks like their getting ready for Christmas...
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