Popcorn Maker £7 at B&M

Popcorn Maker £7 at B&M

LocalFound 3rd Jan 2018
Seems cheap to me for a popcorn maker. Not sure if store specific but a good few on the shelf at Ransoms Europark in Ipswich.
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didn’t think this would be something i need ...
The Bognor branch had some this afternoon.
trivium16 m ago

didn’t think this would be something i need ...

I was given a top of the range one as a house warming gift. 8 years ago. Still in the box. Must remember to eBay it.
There's a house in the UK that doesn't have a popcorn maker in the cupboard already??
There's a microwave popper at Argos for about the same price. I have one of these too but it spits out red-hot kernels all over the place, which then explode. It's like a scene from Saving Private Ryan.

Also, it's kinda hard to flavour the popcorn once it's cooled in the bowl (if you manage to actually get any in the bowl)
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