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Poppy Mobile phone charm £1.99 Poppy Poncho £2.99 Ring £7.99 ALL profits to Royal British Legion £3.99 Del @ The Royal British Legion
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
100% of the profits go to the Royal British Legion Free Delivery over £40 or £3.99 delivery… Read more
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Couldn't have said it better myself.


Gosh, anyone remember when Rememberence Day wasn't at all tacky?


This was the picture origional used




Would be perfect for Halloween if you wanted your kid to look like a stabbing victim

Football crest poppy badges £2.99 / £6.98 delivered  - 2018 stock at Poppyshop
Found 7th OctFound 7th Oct
Poppy shop have got a full stock of all badges for all Premier league, championship, league one and two. Normally sell out super quick so get in there. No codes. No free delive… Read more

but is it genuine?





It's not just football check out the other stuff they got and combine it cheaper postage.


Put the 7 quid in a box and get one of the paper ones!

poppy shop sale now on
Found 28th Oct 2017Found 28th Oct 2017
poppy shop sale now on
in a good cause too - 100% of the profits go to the Royal British Legion. Poppy Shop is the online store for The Royal British Legion and all purchases made from the Poppy Shop … Read more

A good cause no doubt, but way overpriced in the first place


very nice, Norse : halloween is upcoming, you could wear the outfit then.


Oh cr@p! I thought you said buy a poppy to win the Aston, so I upped my chances! (embarrassed)


while in a charitable frame of mind - why not purchase a raffle ticket to get an aston martin?!! ...Red 10, has been donated to the RAF Benevolent fund to be raffled off. It’s still up for grabs for one lucky member of the public, who will join the motoring elite by the end of the year.The raffle, which launched in June, offers the chance to win the exquisitely designed Red 10 car for £20...

Premier league football poppy pin badges from official British legion shop £2.99 + £3.99 postage (free over £50)
Found 22nd Sep 2017Found 22nd Sep 2017
Support your favourite team whilst wearing your poppy with pride
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Great effort from imps fans


And poppyscotland do do spl ones


Well that was entertaining! And a killer of 20 minutes


lmao nice reply to an idiotic post (highfive)


So very true Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :D Sat amongst the green dregade proudly wearing that 'bloodstained poppy' on your hoops? Yeah course (skeptical)

Poppy Shop UK - Sale on -  all profit supporting our soldiers
Found 31st Oct 2015Found 31st Oct 2015
Poppy Shop UK - Sale on - all profit supporting our soldiers
@Royal British Legion online shop - lovely items in the sale section but there are also items to purchase such as keyring, pens, brooches from £1.99 - spend £40.00 get free deliver… Read more
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I think you are confusing muslims with the Americans!


Go on then enlighten us I'm ready to be shocked AGAIN


Don't call me a racist you prat. if I was I would own up to it but I aren't so go judge elsewhere. Shame you can't get nicked for calling people racist from behind your key board


Thanks OP Heat added


Find out why the British legion use the poppy as their emblem, then you'll realise that you shouldn't support them its truly shocking

Poppy Appeal Cufflinks  - Fund welfare work for our Armed Forces families £16.94
Found 1st Nov 2014Found 1st Nov 2014
Poppy Appeal Cufflinks - Fund welfare work for our Armed Forces families £16.94
Official poppy appeal products - price includes delivery Simple and stylish, these Poppy Enamel Cufflinks add a touch of sophistication whilst showing your support. They are plat… Read more

Received yesterday, nice quality.




Could maybe take that zolasfoot out of your mouth


Credit peeps with the intelligence to know exactly what the Poppy fund is about rather than speak down to them from your high horse. Exactly the point GoGoGo is making, rather than pay for some tat we prefer to put the donation straight in the tin meaning the fund gets more hard cash and the organisation doesn't have to buy tat from some tat merchant, it gets the whole whack with no outlay. If that's ok and you approve of course, your most majestic imperial dictatorship.


Its not about what you buy as it's about giving to those who have served this country and often physically and mentally suffered in the process. If for those it is about spending then these would last for years so over a period of years they are a bargain, if thats what people prefer to see it that way

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Poppy charm (flat) £5.44 inc postage at The The Poppy Appeal Shop
Found 27th Sep 2014Found 27th Sep 2014
Poppy charm (flat) £5.44 inc postage at The The Poppy Appeal Shop
A previous poster posted a crystal dangle poppy charm. They also have a glazed dangle charm and this flat one. All silver and all £1.49 plus £3.95 P&P. will fit Pandora bracele… Read more
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Link does not work


Thanks I've ordered 2 one for me and one for my mum as I know she'll love it!


Works for me - thanx :p


Works fine for me. Thanks OP


Link works for me. Ordered. Thanks

Crystal Poppy Charm £1.49, with PP £5.44 Royal British Legion shop
Found 26th Sep 2014Found 26th Sep 2014
Crystal Poppy Charm £1.49, with PP £5.44 Royal British Legion shop
Great charity and a little red bling for your bracelet. This gorgeous crystal and silver Poppy Charm has a Pandora-style fitting designed so the poppy dangles from your bracelet.… Read more
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Wow what a find. Thanks op ordered one for me and 3 for gifts.


Ended up going for the earrings for the missus as she went nuts over the ceramics at the Tower of London.. Shipping is a shame, but overall I'm glad I bought so thanks OP and heat added.


Bought the brooches....thank you so much for the info. A great cause and such pretty trinkets.


More than 50 in stock now!


Brilliant Find, 8)

Buckley Crystal Poppy Broach £11.75 was £14.99 plus £3.95 p and p @The Royal British Legion
Found 18th Oct 2013Found 18th Oct 2013
Buckley Crystal Poppy Broach £11.75 was £14.99 plus £3.95 p and p @The Royal British Legion
Last years Buckley Crystal poppy broach on offer at £11.75 instead of £14.99. This years is beautiful too with red and black crystals and a gold leaf with green crystals. (£15.00).… Read more
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Ordered mine today without code, it's for a great cause


Me too.... Did not bother With discount code. Buy a few every year, can't see the dated poppy this year.


I agree 100% every penny is valued and goes to the support of the armed forces and their families.


Such a good charity so for once I'm OK with placing my order just prior to seeing your post about 10% off :)

Buckley Crystal Poppy Brooch £1 + £3.75 P&P @ The Poppy Shop
Found 17th Oct 2013Found 17th Oct 2013
Buckley Crystal Poppy Brooch £1 + £3.75 P&P @ The Poppy Shop
100% OF THEIR PROFITS GO TO THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION TO SUPPORT BRITISH ARMED FORCES AND THEIR FAMILIES The Crystal Buckley Brooch range gets the Royal Seal of Approval. We're ru… Read more
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Lots of charities operate at zero profit margin, they take into account expenses ( in your example £1.40) and the rest (£2.35 + in your eg) goes to the cause. If the RBL cannot jazz up the poppy to raise extra money, then who can?


Yeah, funnily enough I did read it - you don't appear to have read/comprehended what I said. It'll go in a jiffy bag costing 40p and then to second class post for no more than £1. Therefore they are making some £2.35+ on the difference in postage. No company operates at zero profit margin, official or not. It's misleading. Anyway, expire this thread. The price has sky-rocketed to a ridiculous £11.75 + postage


I guess because people were calling her a heat hunter. Which judging by her previous posts is not in her character. There were a few personal insults launched and there is no need for that.




I reported this yesterday or the night before to the mod team as not being expired, the item is still in stock. But it hasn't been unexpired? Can someone please unexpire it. Reporting it for a second time now. Edit, I cant re report it = You have already made a report for this item.

Royal Legion Crystal Buckley Brooch - £11.75 (was £14.99) plus £2.95 P&P or Large one for £17.63 (was £24.99) plus P&P
Found 10th Sep 2013Found 10th Sep 2013
Royal Legion Crystal Buckley Brooch - £11.75 (was £14.99) plus £2.95 P&P or Large one for £17.63 (was £24.99) plus P&P
These are always popular as Rememberance Day approaches and a great way to raise money for a good cause. If you are a member, you can get a further 15% off by using MEMBER15. W… Read more


Or just set up a £5 monthly donation by direct debit or become a member.


Buy the item at the deal price and put an extra £10 in the collection tin, job done.


Oh i'm with you on exposure side of the deal. I guess i was looking at it from a personal point of view and would feel uncomfortable putting in a discount code. As long as people keep giving i guess its the heroes that really deserve it are the winners.


You're not really taking money from the Legion either, yes there is a saving, but it only means that less is being given per person. Posting it on here will probably mean they sell more, which can only be a good thing. There is a saving, so it's a legitimate deal for all those who moan that it's not a deal, and making the deal hot gives better exposure leading to more sales. Win, Win, Win surely.

Crystal or glazed pandora style poppy charm from Th British Legion online shop £4.99 plus  £2.95 p&p
Found 25th Oct 2012Found 25th Oct 2012
Crystal or glazed pandora style poppy charm from Th British Legion online shop £4.99 plus £2.95 p&p
The British legion poppy shop online are selling a glazed or crystal pandora style poppy charm for your bracelet. P&P is £2.95 per order.

Just saw these on eBay for £14.99 and loved it, then came across this, so I'm going to get one from the British legion, I also like the smooth glazed charm Hot from me


Bought the Clasp one for the Missus - I know this isn't a "Bargain" in the true meaning of this site as it's normal price - but I;d not have found them if not on here and the Poppy appeal are better off for it now :)


I bought the Buckley brooch for £14.99. Much admired and soooooo much better than a paper one :) I can recommend it if anyone is interested.


Yes, and perhaps consider banning those who maliciously expire valid deals :|


Please unexpire mods

Poppy pin(s) and others starting at £2.99 + £2.95 delivery
Found 24th Oct 2012Found 24th Oct 2012
Poppy pin(s) and others starting at £2.99 + £2.95 delivery
We all know rememberance day is coming 11th Nov, why not help the charity by buying a nice lapel pin or similar from their online charity shop. I have had one of these for a few ye… Read more

I am the Treasurer for our local branch of the RBL. If you want one of these pins, find your local Legion Club/office and pop in. Most will have these. Although we can't set a price on them, we recommend a donation of £3. Either that or look out for Poppy Appeal Launch days - ours being this Saturday at Poole Dolphin Shopping Center 10 - 11 am. :)


very happy to have seen this, didn't know these items were available, only ever seen the ordinary poppies. Thanks OP great post.:)


It is a good cause, and I don't mind getting ripped off for P&P on this occasion. Heat added.


Marks and Spencer are selling the Crystal Buckley Brooch £15 on behalf of the British legion


OP looking for some VERY VERY cheap heat! Brilliant cause but seriously this is a deals website and this is not a deal!

Royal British Legion Buckley Poppy Brooch in stock delivered.
Found 18th Oct 2012Found 18th Oct 2012
Royal British Legion Buckley Poppy Brooch in stock delivered.
These have been incredibly popular in previous years, fetching £100s on ebay so I thought I'd remind everyone early that they are in stock now and will be delivered in time for No… Read more
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Now £14.99


thank you I have just brought me an my kids one each. Fantastic to riase money for our heroes:D



lovely brooch - finally got around to ordering one today, can't wait to get it… i always buy a poppy and this will just add a bit of sparkle aswell as being for a good cause


Then you should point fingers at the idiots in charge of this charity if they arent making enough to meet the demand.. maybe those selling them on ebay should be given the job.... its not like they have a shelf life, any left over can be sold again next year.

Royal British Legion Buckley Poppy Brooch still in stock £17.00 del (slightly larger brooch still in stock)
Found 9th Nov 2011Found 9th Nov 2011
Royal British Legion Buckley Poppy Brooch still in stock £17.00 del (slightly larger brooch still in stock)
Last chance to get one of these stunning 18 karat gold plated brooches from Buckley in time for this Sunday. Available directly from the British Legion's Poppy Shop who "aim to dis… Read more

I have still not recieved my poppy which was ordered on 3rd November. also the website now seems to be having problems loading up is anyone else having the same problems


Still no delivery for me, ordered on 29/10/11 and my order status still says processing. I have sent several emails and used their contact form too but no one replies. I have tried calling and been left on hold for upto 30mins each time. I know they are a charity but I am very dissapointed with their customer services. Will give them a month to deliver then going to take it up with my credit card. :(


To be fair they are a charity and it is the busiest period of the year for them. Voting cold against future deals is a bit harsh when they are doing this for a very worthy cause.


Ordered wed i think, came fri morniing, excellent from me and a great cause, enough of the pseudo politics


Ordered mine from the ebay shop like a lot of people and it still hasn't turned up. Very very sad that the company has let me down, it said it was dispatched last Saturday! I will be sending an informative email to them, and will probably vote cold future deals from them as the customer service is non exist. Shame!!

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal! Poppys for £1.00 each and other stuff too!!  (£2 Max Delivery)
Found 29th Oct 2011Found 29th Oct 2011
Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal! Poppys for £1.00 each and other stuff too!! (£2 Max Delivery)
£1.00 suggested donation = £1.25 with gift aid. £2 maximum delivery charge for upto 10 of each item You can order up to 10 of each item using this form. Please note that postag… Read more
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hahahaha!! Anyone know where I can get some cheap daffodils?


i think he was joking on the issue of this not being a deal theres to much humbug on this site at the moment


For that comment you should be banned! This is a symbol we all associate with the RBL and profiteering at the expense of a charity is just too much. No matter what anyone thinks of any of the wars including the current invasions, british soldiers (regardless of ethnicity, race, religion ...) have fought for their country. Is it too much to ask to contribute something to those families whose loved one's have been injured or hurt as a result?


Selling these door-to-door could well be illegal unless you make it very clear that you are selling them for personal gain.


Don't understand why this deal is cold yet the other dupe post got 1700+ degrees heat oO I realise i'm in the minority on this site as I do not feel joke, charity (at standard RRP prices only!) should be posted on here. I know the mods don't care as they keep bringing back the fleshlight even though a number of us have tried to expire it as the price isn't the same - other deals on this site are expired for an increase of a few pence yet that deal is always brought back from the dead - and keep dupe posts & joke posts on the site purely to get his traffic & comments. Wonder how much HUKD have earned on the previous charity thread (_;) My comment on the other thread ...

Royal British Legion Buckley Poppy Brooch in stock £12.20 del Other designs available.
Found 28th Oct 2011Found 28th Oct 2011
Royal British Legion Buckley Poppy Brooch in stock £12.20 del Other designs available.
These were incredibly popular last year, fetching £100s on ebay and virtually impossible to source for the average Joe in time for Rememberance Sunday. For those who missed out the… Read more
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I am furious !I am also looking for a glitter poppy brooch and would be happy to pay a price if part or whole of the money was for the charity .I looked on ebay and a seller has about 10 listed all with plenty of bids and at high prices.They havent mentioned a donation to the cause !! How can they be so greedy cashing in on a very worthy cause ,I wouldnt bid nomatter how bad I wanted the item .Shame on them.


As said, listed on eBay with 100% donation!


For anybody who miss-out,still larger sizes for sale through their ebay-outlet. Sold Out,but more New Stock relisted below Medium Poppy Ebay, item # 190597355499 Large Poppy Ebay item # 190596571337


Same here - waiting for them to ring me back. I do hope it arrives as people who ordered at a leter date seem to have received t here's already...


I ordered mine last Saturday and im still waiting, I hope i get it as i ordered a charm to go on my pandora as well! I have sent them an email just asking if the order has gone through as it still says processing on my account. I will be gutted if i dont get it :(

Buckley Poppy Brooch - £12.20 Delivered @ The Poppy Appeal
Found 13th Sep 2011Found 13th Sep 2011
Buckley Poppy Brooch - £12.20 Delivered @ The Poppy Appeal
Slightly more expensive than when posted last year but If you didn't buy one then maybe this is the time.
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Mine arrived today, ordered on the 29th. I haven given it to my Mum who is over the moon, it looks really sweet. Thanks again! :D


Mine just arrived and I ordered it on the 29th :) Its really gorgeous!


I ordered and was accepted on the website, however I never received an e mail and I have just tried to log in to the account to find it doesn't exist !! Anyone else have a problem ? Better check my bank account ......


Anyone know if these are likely to come back in stock?


I saw that too but the item on the legion site looks completeley different to me.... Anyone know if they are one in the same or a yellow pack copy? J

The Buckley Poppy Brooch £9.99 (+£2 postage) @ The Poppy Appeal
Found 1st Nov 2010Found 1st Nov 2010
The Buckley Poppy Brooch £9.99 (+£2 postage) @ The Poppy Appeal
As seen on X FACTOR, LOOSE WOMEN and selling on Eb*y for nearly 5 x the price! The Buckley Poppy Brooch A stunning 18kt. Gold Plated inlaid with Swarovski Crystal. Size 35mm x 20m… Read more
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These are in stock, just ordered two and a pin for myself. Slightly more this year, but no big surprise there!!


My husband was shot three times in Northern Ireland and is now 70% disabled. Without the help of the British Legion he would be housebound. You do have to apply and someone comes out and fills in forms but he has had 2 mobility scooters through the Legion and it has given him some independence and allows him to get out without me having to push his wheelchair. We have also had 2 holidays in Britain thanks to the Legion so yes, if help is needed, it is there but you do have to approach them for assistance.


anyone recieved their pre orders?


Nothing like being prepared early for next years event.


Mine arrived today and it looks good :)