PopTarts - £1 - Poundland

PopTarts - £1 - Poundland

Found 21st May 2015
If you remember PopTarts as nutritional goodness which tasted amazing, these aren't them - however bad they taste they are still for sale in supermarkets at £4 or something, so I was pleasently surprised to see them in the Brighton Poundland (4x2 = 8)...

I am assume this national, but of course it could be local ...
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The cinnamon ones are gorgeous! The ones in the pound shops are the crap flavours.
Can't go wrong for a pound though especially if you like that kind. (Ours had the apple ones).
This gets posted every week. Got strawberry and chocolate flavours last time.
Sorry. I had a squiz to see if this was posted before, and I was coming up with £3/4 asda / morrison deals ... !
Been in Poundland the last few months! In my local(s) they've had Very Cherry, Chocotastic, Apple Blast and Strawberry Sensation. Seems to be only Apple Blast recently, but maybe they'll get more in.
Not a massive fan of Apple Blast ... ! Worth trying the other flavours ?
This offer seems to come and go. Will check out my local next trip in town. Fingers crossed as at this price well hot. Good post.
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