Pork Farms Mini Pork Pies 70p @ Tesco

Pork Farms Mini Pork Pies 70p @ Tesco

Found 19th Jan 2011
x4 mini pork pies only 70p in my local Tesco:

Description: Our classic pork pie recipe in our signature flavoursome well- baked pastry.
4 mini pork pies.


I can confirm that this is a valid deal! Have popped to my local tesco and witnessed this immense deal on the shelves! WOW!
Edited by: "merb0786" 19th Jan 2011

Yum Tasty , 70p well spent . !!!

Aww man, i paid 90p for these yesterday :'-(

Trust me:

Never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER eat Pork Farms products.

Can't stress that enough. I work for em and wouldn't eat the stuff with someone else's guts, let alone my own!

Ingredients: E.E.A. - Eyes, ears & [email protected]! Nothings wasted. Stuff off the floor too.

Mmmmm, yummy. oO
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