Posted 4 March 2023

Porridge Series 1-3 and Christmas Specials DVD used £2.58 with voucher codes @ World of Books

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Complete collection for £2.58 using code ELLIE20 and BRAND10

All 20 episodes of the classic sitcom, starring Ronnie Barker and Richard Beckinsale, set in Slade Prison.

Small-time career criminal Fletcher (Barker) takes first-timer Godber (Beckinsale) under his wing to show him the ropes, all the while trying to get one over on officious prison officer Mr Mackay (Fulton Mackay).

Season 1 episodes are: 'New Faces, Old Hands', 'The Hustler', 'A Night In', 'A Day Out', 'Ways and Means' and 'Men Without Women'.

Season 2 episodes are: 'Just Desserts', 'Heartbreak Hotel', 'Disturbing the Peace', 'Happy Release', 'The Harder They Fall' and 'No Peace for the Wicked'.

Season 3 episodes are: 'A Storm in a Teacup', 'Poetic Justice', 'Rough Justice', 'Pardon Me', 'A Test of Character' and 'Final Stretch'. Also included are the 1975 and 1976 Christmas specials 'No Way Out' and 'The Desperate Hours'.
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  1. GiddyUpKramer's avatar
    Great price. Some jokes have dated extremely poorly but a lot of the writing is really good.
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  2. matty_hunt's avatar
    Love this show. Ronnie Barker is genius in it
  3. dealz0110's avatar
    I’m enjoying the category 
  4. Tank12345's avatar
    Ronnie Barker was outstanding
  5. WhoLeftYouInCharge's avatar
  6. Proveright's avatar
    Thanks OP
  7. DickyTheBricky's avatar
    Treated ya
  8. DaveRetroLondon's avatar
    Great to be able to watch the originals, these are cut to shreads on TV these days still one of my all time faves!
    Begize's avatar
    Pretty sure these have not been cut when re-shown on TV, would be interested to know if you have any examples?

    I remember iPlayer having a little warning box about the content reflecting humour of the time or words to that effect?
  9. Bolkyloren's avatar
    Comedy Gold
  10. uog's avatar
    Even grouty won't get you a better deal than this
  11. Cobray's avatar
    Got it on the server and it's repeated too many times. Pure gold!
  12. 4q2's avatar
    Ordered this and open all hours
    Simon_GG's avatar
    You might as well get " going straight" as well, go full Barker
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