Porridge: Series 1/2/3/Xmas Special: 4dvd - £14.99 @ Tesco

Porridge: Series 1/2/3/Xmas Special: 4dvd - £14.99 @ Tesco

Found 25th Nov 2010Made hot 26th Nov 2010
This collection presents the entire first series of the 1970s classic comedy PORRIDGE, which stars Ronnie Barker and Richard Beckinsale (father of actress Kate Beckinsale) as prison inmates. Lennie Godber (Beckinsale) is the new kid on the block, and, luckily, tough guy Norman Stanley 'Fletch' Fletcher (Barker) is looking out for him. Includes all the episodes from the three series plus the Christmas specials.


Love Porridge, tempted to get this!

Cheaper here (at £14.33) if using the voucher code "AFFWELCOME03" that offers £3 off a first purchase of over £10:

[ priceminister.co.uk/off…r10 ]

I have never used PriceMinister.co.uk though & would use Tesco Entertainment in preference (even though their despatch times & stock control can leave you waiting for weeks rather than days in some cases).



Anyone got this? It bothers me the description says 'complete 1st series'?

The 3 series DVD's and the Christmas special DVD add up to 650 minutes where this collection shows as 560 minutes on Amazon!
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Nearly bought his then remembered I have the Ronnie Barker boxset from around 4 years ago which is still sealed....:S
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