Porridge - The Christmas Specials DVD - £4.99 delivered @ Zavvi !

Porridge - The Christmas Specials DVD - £4.99 delivered @ Zavvi !

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Found 28th Oct 2008
Next cheapest I can see is £8.93 ........

No Way Out
In his innocence, Godber is looking forward to Christmas, but Fletch just wants a quiet sojourn in the prison hospital. As he says: "there's one big event round here, it's not the coming of the Lord - it's the tunnelling of Tommy Slocombe". Just as Fletcher's 'old knee injury' wins him a trip to the local civilian hospital for a full check up and x-ray, genial Harry Grout decides to call in a favour.

The Desperate Hours
Christmas behind cars might not be so bad. Fletch and Godber have spent months fermenting their illicit cell-brew liquor "Chateau Slade" and it is ready for tasting. But things are about to take a turn for the worst - Mackay has discovered the brew and then they find themselves caught up in psychotic Reg Unwin's attempt to take Mr Barraclough hostage. Will Fletch be the hero of the day - even if it means helping out a 'screw'?

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