Porsche design 301 Chroma 20cm Chef Knife £53.11!!!! @ Amazon
Porsche design 301 Chroma 20cm Chef Knife £53.11!!!! @ Amazon

Porsche design 301 Chroma 20cm Chef Knife £53.11!!!! @ Amazon

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One of the finest chef's knife in the world in my opinion. I bought one a few years ago and still amazed by its quality! I also have Global and Sabatier knives but this Porsche one has the best balance and weight (Which is slight heavier than the Globals). Most will baulk at the price but you have to own one to realise what a bargain this really is!

NOTE: Not to be bought by anyone under the age of 18.

Oh, and I put the 20cm up as I believe this is the best all round knife and best value. RRP £100+!

Better picture here - chromaknives.co.uk/ite…fe/


The perfect all-round knife, one of the most popular knives in the range and a great place to begin your collection.

F.A. Porsche worked alongside the famous Austrian chef Joerg Woerther to create a modern masterpiece, its ergonomic handle is just one of the reasons this knife has won countless awards. The handle of the Type 301 by F.A. Porsche is constructed of 18/10 stainless steel, and the blade is made of high-quality Japanese 301 steel. The blade of each knife is carefully sharpened by the hand of a knife master and a special grinding method is used, so the knife stays sharp longer and is easier to sharpen in the kitchen.

Please note the following instructions to ensure the knife remains in optimum condition for years to come:

- Never place the knife in the dishwasher. Hand wash and dry after every use.
- Regularly sharpen the knife using the original Type 301 whetstone. Under no circumstances should a sharpening steel be used, as it will damage the blade.


I don't know the first thing about knife quality but I can tell you now, there is just no way on earth I could justify paying £53 for a knife.

I think you'd have to be a knife enthusiast or at very least some kind of chef to appreciate this item.

How does it compare to ceramic knives though? Surely those are better i.e. sharper and harder, therefore also staying sharp longer.

If I had £53.11 to spend on a knife I would deffinetly get this.

But I don't.


Very true, not for everyone but you just have to understand that this is … Very true, not for everyone but you just have to understand that this is one of the finest knives available today, hence the price (Which is very cheap!). Fine knives are like fine watches I guess... P.S. This is NOT a joke deal!!! I assure you, look anywhere online and you will be easily pushing £80 cheap £100+ dear. High street (if you can even find them) will be even more! They are getting rare!

oO whatever floats your boat mate.
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Im no chef but i had a go on a real chef's knife one time, and i was amazed, well worth the money

Hi, ill vote this hot because a high quality knife with full tang construction can last you through most of your life if u look after it imho. I never used to care but after i went to uni and had to cook for myself i tried a few different knives usually cos the cheap ones were rubbish and kept breaking now i only have 2 knives and i dont ever find myself needing for any others, i have one (£10) Santoku knife and one cheap as chips (i paid £7 for mine) Chinese cleaver this video is why i use Chinese cleaver now i use a diamond honing steel from IKEA that was also on discount ,and a global anysharp on the knives i would however prefer a minosharp but they are way expensive and i never seen a hot deal on them . a really sharp knife is the safest kind of knife in the kitchen

sorry for such long post, but I'm passionate about knifes and cooking

check out the knives :

chinese cleaver no 2 dont bother with other brands this is the best although it is usually cheaper in Chinese supermarkets.

I cant say which is best but i have a james martin one cos its full tang and it is cheap, im more than happy with it

anysharp sharpener easy to use works well enough. cheap

the best sharpener but IMHO only if you use the 3 wheel one otherwise the global one is same performance

one day when(if ever) i'm rich enough i'm gonna buy nice show knives like this Porsche one

I carved the chicken with a bread knife tonight.
worked fine

These knives draw massively mixed reviews on ergonomics of the handle. They look okay, and I'm sure they are decent quality, but at the same time you are certainly paying for the Porsche name and design - and I don't see what relevance a auto-engineer has when it comes to designing chef's tools (or hard drives or laptops for that matter..)

Price seems decent compared to other stores but I think the OP is over-egging the 'bargain' a bit..

Nice knives. I've a knife block with 5 Porsche knives that I bought a couple of years ago for £99 including the block. My brother is waiting for another deal like that.

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I have a selection of the Porsche 301's from Amazon and Hart of Stur that I picked up at bargain prices 18 months or so ago.

They're very difficult to get hold of now unless you are happy to pay a premium for them.

Beautiful knives!


Edit: As an indicator, the prices I paid from Amazon (in September 2008) were:

P08 - Boning knife - £6.22
P05 - Craving knife - £11.78
P10 - Chees/tomato knife - £8.34
P02 - Japanese Santoku chefs knife - £23.40

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Not being a "chef" but being someone who does a lot of cooking (_;) I would add in here that knives are like any other piece of "specialist equipment" in that you really need to find the ones that suit you BEFORE spending big on it? That way you dont end up with an expensive decoration!

I have used loads of "expensive" chefs knives and the one that I have/use most (which is weighted exactly how I want) cost me less than a tenner

It is a hot vote from me because of the price and what it would cost IF you were to buy elsewhere, but I would suggest anyone looking to spend this amount of money to try BEFORE you buy

I would like a second opinion on that.... Dexter maybe!

I can vouch for the knives - they are great, but you do need the whetstone to keep them sharp.
This deal is not that hot however, when I got mine from Amazon, it was a set of 8 of them (cleaver, 3 cooks knives, bread knife, vegetable knife and paring knife), plus that knife block they are selling now on the site for over £70. I paid £140 for all 8 knives and the block. That was a deal.........

they're getting rare for a good reason. they are simply too overpriced.
theyre good but you are paying a premium just for the name as well

People should just post the deal and if it is good - as this appears to be - then it will succeed on it's own merit.

All this evangelising and justification by the poster and begging for heat just puts people off IMO.

If you don't prepare much food (i.e eat ready meals) then you have no need for a good knife. If you do prepare food regularly and don't have a good quality knife then you don't know what your missing.

A good quaity chefs knife prooduces multiple benefits:

- It's easier to cut things
- It's quicker to cut things
- It stays sharper for longer
- It's easier sharpen
- A sharper blade will bruise the food less, thus making the food taste better
- It makes cooking more enjoyable

I have one of the below and I can't tell you how amazing it is to prepare food with it. Forget buying a knife block. You only need three knives. A Chefs Knife, A Paring Knife and a Break Knife. And the Chefs Knife is the only one that needs to be top notch. Unless you want them to match! Just buy a magnet to hold them all to the wall.


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Nice damascas blade carleast. As well as the porsche knifes from Harts of Stur. I bought a Cermax cooks knife from Amazon. See below. I only paid £70 for it, sharpest knife I've ever used by a long way.

50 quid for a chef's knife is beyond my means but I can recommend the Victorinox - Chefs Knife, from the same people that make the Swiss Army Knives. You can find them on Amazon for around £16, they're super sharp straight out of the box and good value IMO.

I seen your post on the global knife set,

I have available a g-67 carving knife 21cm fluted (£40 plus postage)
a g-68 bread knife, 22cm fluted (£45 plus postage)
and a gs-52 flex knife, 15cm fluted £25 plus postage)

postage range from £4 for recorded to £8 special del, due to size and weight.

all brand new, retail boxed.

I have a paypal business account, safe to order
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