Port your number to 3 and get free sim and £10 credit
Port your number to 3 and get free sim and £10 credit

Port your number to 3 and get free sim and £10 credit

If you're not currently with 3, you can transfer your mobile number to your new 3 SIM and we'll give you £10 credit.

How do I keep my number & get £10 credit?
Contact your current mobile network and ask for a Port Authorisation Code (PAC). When you've got your PAC, call 333 for free (from your mobile with the 3 SIM in it), or call 0843 373 333 from any other phone (national rate).

It usually takes 2 working days to transfer your number to 3. When your number has been successfully transferred the £10 credit will be applied to your Pay As You Go account within 7 days (only one credit per number transferred).


this offer has been in existence for ages..!!!! Orange are also doing this now..


Just don't deviate from what is on their script, then you'll be ****ed.

aarrrrggghhhhh nooooooooo its 3

I guess so many people hate "3" that they are voting this cold.

I looked on Google and 3 come out top of the search for "worst UK mobile phone service" due to this website here


Absolutely make sure you read the "hidden" visitor's comments about this appalling service provider.

3 is fine when it works.
anything goes wrong and you have to speak to India(?) who are very hard work!
I had about a month at the beginning of my contract where internet kept dropping out.
They even sent me to a 3 shop at one point and they were absolutley useless, never know customer service like it!

But its been good ever since, so take your chances i guess...

Three have been horrendous in my experience, no chance I'd go back to them!!

3 has probably best 3g service which is great if you are needing data - and its PAYG data charges are amongst the most competitive. Plus the extras on top-up (more data and texts). The only let down is voice @20p. I carry a seperate ASDAmobile 8p/4p phone for that!

PAYG also avoids their infamous call centres as everything (apart from the port) can be done through their reasonably efficient on-line account management. You avoid those contract termination horrors that have rightly tarred the 3 brand. So if you have a tired old PAYG SIM from another network with little or no credit left - this is a very smart move.

I've ported in and it worked seamlessly. Nice to get the tenner and if you checkout the free SIM offer elsewhere it is possible to end up with a £30 credit for no cost at all. Show me a better freebie bargain anywhere for those who voted cold!

That free £30 credit will get you more than 6 months data and a hell of a lot of texts. Oh and free answerphone for incoming. It really is a no-brainer.

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