Porta 6 2015 Lisboa at Majestic Wines - £6.99

Porta 6 2015 Lisboa at Majestic Wines - £6.99

Found 9th Aug 2017
I got an email from Majestic Wines about Porta 6 2015 Lisboa now been priced at £6.99 mix six price. I don't know if this wine is any good but it does seem to have a number of good reviews and given a mention on Saturday Morning Kitchen sometime ago. I've bought one so I'll see what the fuss is about, looks like the offer lasts 1 week. This is instore and online.
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Nice slurp, shame you can get it for €3.50 in Portugal
It is nice
Buy it from Portgual Vineyards - £2.87 a bottle.
Can now buy this at Majestic Calais for €4.

It looks too complex buying form PV, as there is tax & duty on top
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