Portable Air Conditioner - £49.97 @ Tesco *instore* (£70 off)

Portable Air Conditioner - £49.97 @ Tesco *instore* (£70 off)

LocalFound 20th Apr 2009
Just back from tesco where they had portable air conditioners with £70 off for £49.97.
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Would be great to get more info, make/model and perhaps which store you got it from or something
Would it be ironic to vote this one 'hot' !:)
Was it a proper air conditioning unit or one of those evaporative cooler things?

Just called the central customer services, they say do sell an "Amcor Portable Air Conditioner" but didn't have a model number or any other details, other than the price (£49.97) and barcode number. However, just phoned my local store (newcastle-upon-tyne extra) and they didn't stock it, or at least, they didn't have any in. (was trying to get the guy to give me a model number).

Googling the barcode number gives this



if this is the model they're selling, it's a good saving (online price seems to be between £230 and £340!) but it is only an evaporative cooler.

edit: it would be great if someone could confirm the model number, and get some stores to say whether they actually have them in stock.
edit edit: i'm wrong, it's a proper air conditioning unit, not an evaporative cooler.
actually... ukofficedirect.co.uk/air…htm

this site says "fully refrigerated" and then "also dehumidifies". could this be a combination of a proper airconditioning unit AND a dehumifidier? rather than an evaporative cooler?
Dont all "proper" aircon units dehumidify?
If its the Amcor one, I bought one off Tesco Direct clearance last December for 49.99 - they are proper air con units with the outside ducting kit. If they're this price again I'd buy another.
Desperately need one for this year, fans just blow pollen around and make me sneeze! Seems a great price, hope I can find one
just found the receipt - it was a amcor amp10km-410 - product 0465132
Hmm, different model to the one the barcode gives. Seems similar though.
[COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]Tesco instore barcode is 5020151656760[/SIZE][/COLOR]... good idea to phone your local EXTRA-store first!!
yep, that's the barcode i got from the customer services people and googled to find the model number.
Sorry, I couldn't see the make. I just know it's a bargain. I bought an air con 2 yrs ago, cost approx £150. Also bought an air cooler for approx £65 - waste of money compared to air con.

Under £50 for an air con can't be bad which is why I posted it. I studied it in the store so I could post about it honest!

I guess I can't complain about the 'cold' votes.
fredthefish, if Newcastle ain't got it I'd be surprised if ANY have it in the NE. The Newcastle one is MASSIVE!
been trying to get through to the store for an hour and just kept getting pushed around the phone system. the price was good but only if tesco can be bothered to help you.
brrrr chilly
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