Portable Barbeques  From £19.95 @ IWOOT.com

Portable Barbeques From £19.95 @ IWOOT.com

Found 10th May 2007
The Fold Flat BBQ is brilliantly designed, packs as thin as a wafer thin mint (well not quite) and opens up to provide a 45 x 30cm cooking area. Solidly made from pressed steel, the sides provide a built-in wind break, and being so portable, you can head for the hills whenever you feel the need for the whiff and mouth-watering aroma of a sizzling summer BBQ. What a marvellous contraption.

The Carry and Go Briefcase BBQ is made from pressed steel, the 'Briefcase' folds out to provide a generous 48 x 35cm cooking area with integral wind breaks to stop your hot coals blowing all over the shop. Sturdy legs keep the whole caboodle off the ground to prevent you scorching anything, and it's a great deal more interesting and fun than a normal briefcase (and a lot less flammable). The carry bag is tough and comes with a shoulder strap, so it's a breeze to whisk off to your perfect BBQ spot.
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Are these any good? Has anyone used one? What are your opinions?
"head for the hills" it says.... how long do you have to wait for it to cool before you shove the burning hot framework back into your car boot??!:giggle:
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