Portable Charcoal Bucket BBQ Was £14.99 Now £7.99 Argos

Portable Charcoal Bucket BBQ Was £14.99 Now £7.99 Argos

Found 5th Jul 2015
Awesome for the weather!

I noticed the other Argos Portable BBQ is also on sale for £9.99 but no stock anywhere near me.


handy, but **** to get lit...or maybe just my skill and lack of it

Looks good to me, have some heat.

They are complete and utter sh*te, don't waste your money!!!

Very similar one's in both Tesco and Sainsbury's for £8 if none in Argos!

These are good . paint burns of after first use and mines rusted to hell but handy for sticking in the boot when going to beach or camping

I looked at these the other day and they were no higher than £10, were not £15!

I have one and its great. Get really hot right across the surface, and stays lit for ages. Obv nor for a big family but I can get about 6 burgers on at once. Trouble lighting? I use gel or fluid, let it soak into lumpwood charcoal for 10/15 mins then works every time.

This is the worse bbq I've ever brought. The pound ones are better

£4.99 @ home bargains

Got one from B&Q few years ago for 99p,brilliant used on the beach a few times & in fact used it tonight cooked 8 quarter pounders & 6 sausages on it. Not at the same time obviously but brilliant!

Don't think it's worth a tenner tho (sorry)

Oh and cooked on it at 6pm & just had to go douse it as still had red hot coals

Folks don't waste your money !! Cheap tat and u may as well buy a disposable !! These are rubbish

Paint burnt off mine very quickly. Not so sure paint fumes are good for people

These were like 2 quid in tesco last year, not really worth 8 quid imo

If you want a portable one that's bigger, asda have a bigger black square one that has fold out legs think it was £10. I cooked for 11 on the beach last summer

They look cute, but let's be honest, it's for one person only really.

These ARE really rubbish, best put a few more quid in and get something decent.

bought mine for about £4 few years back, in sainsburys end of summer sale, lasted me a good while, don't hold much coal though, idea for two people that's about it!
other half put to much coal in and paint burnt off! had to chuck it lol

I remember Tesco usually have a stack of these.

I used 1 of them chimney starters you can buy and it was fine.
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