Portable North Pole PNP Santa video message for kids! (Or Big Kids) - pre-season purchase offer - £10.99

Portable North Pole PNP Santa video message for kids! (Or Big Kids) - pre-season purchase offer - £10.99

Found 4th Nov 2017
Make Christmas magic for your loved ones with a personalised video message from Santa!

Magic pass includes

  • All Premium Videos and Calls Includes all premium videos and calls
  • The Reaction Recorder with the mobile app only
  • Bedtime Stories with Santa - a new video each week in December!
  • HD downloadsof all your Videos
  • Nice List Certificate Printable proof they are on the Nice List. Available during pre-season only.

I use this every year for the kids and it is fantastic - it has gone up £1 from last year, but this year you also get the 'Nice list' certificate (but only on purchases up until 21 Nov 17).

However, if you do not wish to pay the free videos will be released soon (13 Nov) and running for all who know how great these messages are for the children...... and big kids!!

More free vids will be released over the next month or so too.
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i do this every year for my grandchildren and also for their birthdays but i never pay, i always get the free messages! they love them but personally wouldn't pay £10.99 as the free option is good enough.
Yeah also did it for free last year
Yep, the free ones are great, but with the premium/magic pass you get a lot more ie more scenes in videos, more personal photos to add, phone calls from Santa etc - it's the old adage of 'you get what you pay for!'
My 2 have seen most of the these now, certainly the free ones, I've paid for the last couple of years but I'm sure it wasn't that much.
The youngest usually gets one at the beginning of December saying she's on the naughty list - keeps her on her toes lol
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2015 and 2016 were both £9.99, like i say they have put it up a £1 this year.

However, you get the 'Magic Pass' and also the Premium videos and some other stuff is now unlocked - it's like an early access!
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I did the free and it was good

But in 2015 I took the Premium with 50% discount which was offered from the 19th December

Last year 50% discount wasn't offered until the 22nd Decmber

It was so worth it

To see my kids' excitement was priceless

The phonecalls from Santa being the biggest hit
I have to be honest the reaction recorder is worth the money alone. I have the most amazing videos of my daughter watching Santa's messages, the kind of stuff you never ever catch on camera, and are guaranteed to because your child is fixated on the video!
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