Portable Satellite System - £49.99 in-store @ Aldi
Portable Satellite System - £49.99 in-store @ Aldi

Portable Satellite System - £49.99 in-store @ Aldi

Sticking with satellites i thought id post about the old satellite noobie favourate the porty.

ALDI currently have an offer on this sunday in all their store selling the porty at a new low price of £49.99

I bought mine from LIDI about 2months ago for £59.99 and that was cheapest i saw it for.

This porty system is good for new people interested in a new hobby or satellite enthusiasts for something to play about with.

You can click the website link but ill briefly explain what it is you get.

1 x Digital Satellite Receiver (programmed for Astra, Astra 2, Hotbird, Sirus, Hispasat etc.)
1 x 10m Co-Axial cable
1 x 39cm Satellite Dish
1 x Universal LNB
1 x Satellite Compass
1 x Satellite Dish Stand
+ All the rest of the connections like scart, power etc.

Please note because of the size of the dish you will NOT be able to pick all them satellites up, this is a portable system and depends on your location to what you can pick up.
I will say this though, i bought 1 of these porty systems from LIDL about 2 months back and you can easilly pick up Astra, Astra 2 and Hotbird satellites, and maybe Hispasat if you live in north of UK.

A good item for playing about with or taking up a new hobby.

This is a limited offer for 1 day only so check out the site and get yourselves down to your local ALDI store tomorrow


Hi Sharkadder . Thanks for the post and Welcome to HUKD !

I've added some detail to the thread, and an image. please make sure you post indivudla items such as this as a "product" rather than a "sale" when submitting a deal. Please see the links in my signature for help on posting deals.


This is not the same as the Lidl Porty Receiver kit, it is similar, but different.

Your description is therefore not accurate.

Welcome to the Forum.;-)
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