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Posted 7 October 2022

Portable SSD T7 Shield USB 3.2 Gen 2 1TB - £99.45 + claim £30 cashback (£69.45 after cashback) @ Samsung EPP

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Good price for a decently fast portable SSD - I don't need the rugged aspect, but it's cheaper than the standard T7 with the cashback (see here for cashback details: 2021.samsungpromotions.claims/ssd…ing).
This deal was originally posted in September by @sajidtg but the price has gone down a further £5.85 since then.




Sequential write performance



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The Indestructible Mini SSD | Samsung T7 Shield

Samsung T7 Shield Portable SSD - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

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Samsung More details at Samsung

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  1. Avatar
    My heart always sink when i see EPP. Kind of think You should be able to exclude these deals like you can with Local one's.
    I know what you mean, although plenty of people can get access through Blue Light, one way or another.
  2. Avatar
    I Have EEP through work but whenever I attempt to log in I'm presented with "Welcome, please validate your Samsung Account to access the Store". When I input my work email I'm told "The Email field must be a valid email.". So frustrating since that's the email I used to sign up to the EPP
    I had the same with Totum, to fix it I clicked through to EPP from Totum and didn't log in. It kept track of where I came from and allowed me to checkout as a guest using the email address of my Samsung account.
  3. Avatar
    Rugged for an SSD is a bit moot no?

    There are no moving parts, only physical damage can hurt it. No need for shock absorbers like the classic rugged laptops/devices
  4. Avatar
    Hi all, I posted this in the 2TB thread recently, just adding here for information to anyone considering the 1TB on this deal:

    I asked Samsung to confirm that purchasing through EPP would still qualify for cashback, and unfortunately got the following reply:

    "Sadly, all EPP sites are excluded from the Samsung promotions.

    This includes customers who have purchased from the following:

    Samsung Students, Samsung Networks, Samsung Partners, Samsung Employee, Samsung Exclusive Offers and Samsung Business.

    These sites will be running their own price promotions at the same time and customers will not be eligible to claim."

    Looks like I need to cancel my order.
    This was useful, thanks. Very sneaky (and illegal?) of Samsung to completely omit this EPP cashback exclusion, on their cashback site's T&Cs (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Good price after cashback, hot!
  6. Avatar
    Out of interest, are these shuckable? I was thinking about getting one for my xbox to store games on as a short term fix, and then if I can shuck it, put it as a boot drive in my laptop/pc (both older setups without mvme)
    Don't know for the T7's, but looks like the T5's aren't - not sure if you can then assume the T7's aren't either (reddit.com/r/D…le/) - you sound like you know better than me!
  7. Avatar
    Cheers for this. no idea what the samsung EPP website is i tried to sign up but wont allow me to sign in.

    purchased the drive from amazon instead in the end and will do the cashback with samsung to get £60 back on the 2tb version.

    going to use it for backing up games on the ps5 and upgrade from my standard Western Digital 2tb external hdd i have been using for years
    It's the Samsung Employee Purchase Programme - lots of people seem to get access through totem, perksatwork or by using their Blue Light account. There is a short thread on just this topic, but to be honest, it's of limited help - hotukdeals.com/sha…661
  8. Avatar
    Got this drive a few weeks ago. Excellent little SSD and the cash back claim was easy and confirmed within 24 hours.
  9. Avatar
    I would love to buy this but don't have EEP.
    i remember a while ago someone sadi there was an easy work around to getting it, but was a student at the time so never bookmarked it, maybe someone will share how to do it agan
  10. Avatar
    Does anyone know how to get this if their not on the EEP setup?
  11. Avatar
    Can anyone point me in the direction of the best deal rn to dump Steam games on? Don't mind internal/external probably need 2-4 TB overall. SSD + preferably
  12. Avatar
    Anyone with a BlueLight card are you able to log in?

    I'm stuck on this screen, it just keeps looping.

  13. Avatar
    Need to block EPP deals to save the heartache
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