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Portable North Pole PNP Santa Video message for Kids (or Big Kids)
Found 26th Nov 2017Found 26th Nov 2017
Make Christmas magic for your loved ones with a personalized video message from Santa! The free video is now available for who know how lovely these message are for the children..… Read more

So cold as Santa Can't provide my both's kids name properly


This used to be really good a few years ago. You could upload two or three photos and tweak what things were personal to your child, so you could say they'd been on holiday and what the child had been asked to do, such as eating their vegetables and tidying up their toys. Now you can only upload one photo and Santa doesn't say anything of the other details that made the video seem so magical and believable :(


Kids thought this was brilliant


deactivated for me to :/


No I had it for free??

Portable North Pole PNP Santa video message for kids! (Or Big Kids) - pre-season purchase offer - £10.99
Found 4th Nov 2017Found 4th Nov 2017
Make Christmas magic for your loved ones with a personalised video message from Santa! Magic pass includes All Premium Videos and Calls Includes all premium videos and calls … Read more

I have to be honest the reaction recorder is worth the money alone. I have the most amazing videos of my daughter watching Santa's messages, the kind of stuff you never ever catch on camera, and are guaranteed to because your child is fixated on the video!


I did the free and it was good But in 2015 I took the Premium with 50% discount which was offered from the 19th December Last year 50% discount wasn't offered until the 22nd Decmber It was so worth it To see my kids' excitement was priceless The phonecalls from Santa being the biggest hit


2015 and 2016 were both £9.99, like i say they have put it up a £1 this year. However, you get the 'Magic Pass' and also the Premium videos and some other stuff is now unlocked - it's like an early access!


My 2 have seen most of the these now, certainly the free ones, I've paid for the last couple of years but I'm sure it wasn't that much. The youngest usually gets one at the beginning of December saying she's on the naughty list - keeps her on her toes lol


Yep, the free ones are great, but with the premium/magic pass you get a lot more ie more scenes in videos, more personal photos to add, phone calls from Santa etc - it's the old adage of 'you get what you pay for!'

Portable North Pole PNP Santa video message for kids! (Or Big Kids)
Found 26th Nov 2016Found 26th Nov 2016
Make Christmas magic for your loved ones with a personalized video message from Santa! The free video is now up and running for all who know how great these messages are for the c… Read more

Glad you said or big kids, Christmas is most definitely not use for kids, merry Christmas everyone


its brilliant x




PnP good Christmas app.


PNP is superb and gets better every year

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Free personalised video message from Santa, PNP Portable North Pole
Found 1st Oct 2016Found 1st Oct 2016
Create your very own free personalised video message from Santa. I know this comes up every year but i've not seen it this year and what with it only being 84 days to the big day … Read more
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Looking forward to this


​He already left one. Read your Bible.


Why not message from Jesus Himself?


I usually play the video on my computer then record it on my phones camera, comes out spot on ;)


My daughter is on her fourth year with this. I hope they've shot some new scenarios this year or it is going to give itself away. The way it is done, though, is brilliant. Santa's mouth is hidden so there are no issues with lip-synch and the slotting in of names to the soundtrack is seamless; even if your child's name is unusual. If you go for some of the options that you can pay for the scenarios get even better. (I wonder if anyone has ever been mean enough to put their kid on the naughty list.) My only gripe would be the cost to be allowed to save the file, but any screen capture software should be able to help.

Portable North Pole PNP Santa video message for kids!
Found 29th Nov 2015Found 29th Nov 2015
Make Christmas magic for your loved ones with a personalized video message from Santa! The free video is now up and running for all who know how great these messages are for the c… Read more

the free video is not as good as last year less options now and there in no more option for the nice or naughty list. Might have to look elsewhere for next year.


Did this for my 2 last night and have done for the last few years and they love them.


The adult ones are funny


Always helps to keep the fun of xmas going


Thanks for this, my little girl loved it!

PnP Santa video message for kids!
Found 12th Nov 2015Found 12th Nov 2015
Free Video Messages Taste the magic with Portable North Pole's FREE personalized video greeting. this is now live :)
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Bump: free videos are now live:)


The unlimited package is a must for bigger families. As many recipients as you want so great for nieces and nephews as well as your own kids


​you choose what the machine comes out with. Unlimited videos, print a certificate, download the videos, 9.99 imo is well worth just to see the look on our sons face and if it helps the company behind pnp to continue doing what they do then I don't mind paying.


Agree the free PNP is great but not great enough to be spending £9.99 on. My kids love it, always that bit of doubt as to whether Santa's machine will say naughty or nice.


Love pnp, it's brilliant. We've just paid for the £9.99 package. List of different paid for packages here: https://www.portablenorthpole.com/en/store/passes

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Portable North Pole golden ticket - unlimited use
Found 1st Nov 2015Found 1st Nov 2015
Unlimited use and calls for £10.99. I've not used this before but have heard good things. Offer only valid for 14 days. Presume price will then go up? I wasn't sure if this is a g… Read more
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This post should go scorching hot after the recent PayPal advert! ... See kids! He is real!


​Rubbish, I've "only" got two & I think it's brilliant. Last October kids lost a favourite auntie, 4 weeks later Granny died so had to go thru it all twice. Kids are now 7 & 9 and the videos are awesome but the phone calls they loved


I won't pay for the top package again, its not worth that much for one xmas unless you have loads of kids


Thank you for the reminder, we have used PNP for I think the last 5 years and the videos we have are fantastic, just lovely memories. The magic just gets better and better each year and I would completely recommend it to anyone who has never used it, the videos and calls are so special and the discounted unlimited package is great value if you have a big family. Just love it!


Last year my stupidly clever 5 year old was having doubts about whether Father Christmas was real, so I bought this app and after that she was totally convinced :-) so I totally recommend it!

50% off Portable North Pole Premium videos/call and also Passes
Found 23rd Dec 2014Found 23rd Dec 2014
You can now get 50% of the premium Portable North Pole videos/passes by entering PNP50XMAS at the checkout. So, premium videos and calls from Santa are now £1.49 each or a Premi… Read more

Me either, although I've seen the code published elsewhere also.


Doesnt seem to work for me.


Or do the base one for free :)


Don't know anyone in the north poll to call. anyway.. there is on that was on facebook the other day and it was free and it says the kids name

FREE PNP App is finally here for iOS.
Found 5th Dec 2014Found 5th Dec 2014
Download the PNP app for FREE on your mobile device today and enjoy the #1 Christmas mobile app in the world! Create personalized video messages and calls from Santa for your loved… Read more
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The free video you get is pretty decent, although they charge you if you want to save it but I managed a workaround for that. It's stupid because I'd happily pay for the app like last year but not a holiday pass for £7!


The makers got greedy, yet another app ruined by in-app purchases. Increased piracy may be forcing developers down this route though but would prefer to pay for the app like previously.


This is awful this year. The free video leaves your child wondering if they are on the naughty or nice list. Or you can find out for £2.49. Bad move PNP......




Did you make a mistake again?

FREE Personalised Video from Santa from the PNP - (Portable North Pole)
Found 20th Nov 2014Found 20th Nov 2014
The premium version has been available for a few weeks now but the FREE version is now LIVE! You know the drill, upload a pic, answer the questions with the ultimate one being - H… Read more

It's great. Thanks for the find and a free video. My boy was amazed and happy. Its easy to upload and its a great video!!!


I posted this deal last week


Nice! As always, obviously!


This is amazing! I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was, but really pleased with it. A few tips Increase the height of the pictures you submit by 33%, i.e resize in Photoshop or similar, keeping width at 100% and height at 133% - otherwise the result in the video is too squashed. Also, if wanting a version to download (when you make the free version), use a video downloader app on the iPad or phone (imagine android has versions too), because you are using the mobile site, the website presents you with an MP4 (instead of flash video), and the video downloader app extracts the MP4 from the site - I used "video d/l" on the iPad, but imagine similar ones work too - you can then send it to your computer to keep forever. Hope this helps?! Thanks OP! Ho Ho Ho.....


Awesome! Heat added :-)

PNP Portable North Pole £10 down to £6.49 then a further 10% off with code
Found 8th Nov 2014Found 8th Nov 2014
10% off with code PNP15BZM Pre-Season Fan Package: Create unlimited Premium videos Create unlimited calls from Santa Bonus Christmas Eve videos Mobile compatible on Apple and And… Read more

6.74 here too :/


cant get it to £5.84 can get £6.74...what am i doing wrong?


I haven't had a chance to use it myself yet. As we have had allot of family things going on. But hoping to do a video tonight with a little message about my nan who has passed away. Will let you know how I get on and if it is worth it. Hope all goes well at the hospital


Ive used the free version of this for years with my oh's little sister and now our boys. My 2 boys are mad on Christmas this year and are fascinated by the videos, is the paid version much better than the free one? What do you get that's different? I had an email the other day offering it at a reduced price but couldn't make my mind up. My 4 year old is in hospital next week and i was going to give him one of his Christmas presents early from Santa so a video to go with it would be even better!


wont let me check out, keeps saying there's an error with both paypal and card payments

Premium video message from Santa Save 50% Now only £1.49 @ Portable North Pole Video
Found 21st Dec 2013Found 21st Dec 2013
I've used the free version of this for several years and it's great, However the premium version includes the option of adding more pictures, Extended video & the clincher a sp… Read more
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great video our two loved it… i managed to select a free video to watch on tbe computer


This awesome, made a video, thanks OP!


Did this a couple of weeks back. Our lil one was over the moon. These PNP messages get better every year. Well worth it.


It's nice to see that they have a few different scenarios this year, having 3 children and the same lines in the video last year, they were getting suspicious. This just gets better every year. Doesn't take long but get your photos in advance.


Anyone hanging after submitting the Santa message video section? Clicking next just sticks you into a never ending loading loop.

Free Personalised Video Message from Santa - Starts Today @ Portable North Pole
Found 18th Nov 2013Found 18th Nov 2013
Christmas time is nearly here and the Personalised Video Messages from Santa are back! The free version has gone live from today, and as always there is also a premium version if y… Read more

Dear Lucy , it's Santa here I have been told that you have been a good Girl but you and your sister Lauren haven't really been getting on have you? So you still have time to prove to me that you are a good girl and you and your sister Lauren really are good girls so I will send you another message on the 22nd of December and I will tell you then if you have been a good or naughty girl bye for now Santa xx


My granddaughter loves it. She says she now knows what the real Father Christmas looks like. :p


gonna do this for my niece :D


amazing website my little girl is going to love it Thanks OP


Has just made my daughters free video from this link cant wait for her to see it later :)

FREE Personalised  birthday message VIDEO Message from Father Christmas @ PNP
Found 4th Nov 2013Found 4th Nov 2013
They also have offers/discounts on other items too,maybe worth a look.

any body had any probs with pnp letters and books i have paid 21 pound and`the mney has come out the bank.but on my pnp it says at the top france,but every think i write is in english every time i change it to english it writes in french? i have completed the book the red letter try to send it to the elfs and a error comes up that says error and couple num, i have messaged them they have been in touch i have cleared the cache browser and still no joy i am so worries she wont have this on time for christmas please help :(


The Christmas message should be available after thanksgiving (November 28, 2013)


slightly confused, thought it would be a christmas message, but it was a birthday one, and my little boy's birthday was in june haha


have done this for the past couples of years for my girls i think its brilliant.


Yes it seems the birthday message is free but you have to pay for the Christmas one

PNP - Portable North Pole Santa Video for Kids £3.49
Found 22nd Oct 2013Found 22nd Oct 2013
Available free or you can pre order and save 25% on the premium one and you get some extras over the free account. If you've never seen this have a look it's great for the kids, di… Read more
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I'd have to say that it is worth buying. We bought it last year, it includes a longer video, HD download to keep and also a couple of phone calls from the big man himself. If your children are true believers, we'll worth £3.49 pre order. Hot from me!


I always do the free one, my 8 year old is starting to realise how it's done now though :-(


Some of the best perks pre-ordering the 2013 Premium PNP video and Santa call bundle include: More than 5 minutes of brand new video footage Additional scenes not included in the standard video Variety of scenario choices Add up to 5 personal photos to the video message Receive a second bonus exclusive video of Santa riding his sleigh Receive a personalized phone call from Santa You can also download the video to keep.... Agree Free is fab but would have liked to keep it..


I too do this every year for free for both my children


^^ as above, do it every year and its free!

Personalize a video message from Santa to celebrate a child's birthday.
Found 12th Jul 2013Found 12th Jul 2013
Give your loved one a gift they’ll treasure for a lifetime. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions, upload some photos, and Santa and his elves will take care of the r… Read more
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read above? whats wrong with people jeez...


Why Santa for a birthday?!


Nice incentive for some behaviour management - "Even though it's July, Santa is still watching to see if you're being good!" Great idea.


eh? my daughter is 5 going on 6 and she loved the sight of Santa and got excited and was saying hoiw good she will be up until Xmas.


I think it would cause confusion for the little darlings. Unlike a dog, Santa is just for Christmas.(_;)

Free personalised video from Santa! from PNP - Portable North Pole
Found 16th Nov 2012Found 16th Nov 2012
Brilliant free personalised video from Santa himself.You add pictures and answer a few questions and then you get a brilliant video.Love it that you can pick naughty or nice child.

We need to bump this....so more people know about it :)


He most certainly does exist! And saying naughty things like that will get you straight on the naughty list!!! No prezzies for you this year! ;)


This is the only thing which keeps my intelligent little 6 year old from figuring out the guy doesn't exist!! x


Sent one to my young niece in New Zealand, had a call from my sister this morning saying that she loved it! Thanks for posting OP, amazing stuff :)


Done this last week it was smiles all around

2011 Messages from Santa reduced down to £2.49 @ PNP - Get them before they are deleted!
Found 22nd Feb 2012Found 22nd Feb 2012
My 4 year old son loved this message last year, so I have just downloaded it and emailed it to him for when he is older.. i set him an email account up and email him every month … Read more
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Imagination or consumerism? I still cannot understand, why in the UK, a teacher is viewed as a lecher if (s)he says Santa does not exist and then is forced to retract the truth and lie. This is warped. Is this unique to the UK?


To see the truth about Santa go here http://www.woodpeckerfilm.fi/rareexports/


Don't you dare let the Easter Bunny hear you, he'll kill you.


We did this for Christmas for my son & his cousin but it was free! Just filled out all their details & then downloaded it.

Free PNP Video message & Letter from Santa for the kids this christmas @ Portable North Pole & Royal Mail
Found 15th Nov 2011Found 15th Nov 2011
Get ready for Christmas, with a free video message from Santa for the kids. In just a few easy steps, you can create a personalized video from Santa Claus for your children, frien… Read more
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Anyone doing this, this year?


Thanks for the bump! reminded me to do the same this year. Hopefully alot of new mummy's and daddy's will use it too.


Bump - thanks to all the members posting reminders during the last few weeks and Happy Christmas :)


Make sure you pop it on dvd, print out a "To "name" cover, and mark it from the North Pole, then pop it through the front door early christmas eve morning so when they wake up and see that they've got a letter it will be even more of a surprise. Of course you will need a dvd player to play it on but i'm sure theres plenty of deals floating around here for a cheap one. Thanks Op for sharing this wonderfull gift to give somebody this christmas. The Hd version, under a fiver is well worth it as it plays in full screen. Your little ones can play it over and over to their friends in amazement that way too. I put the video through an editing program and edited the default christmas present picture to that of what my nephew is after, a 3ds, so it looks even more real.


great 10/10

***IT'S LIVE NOW*** Free Video Message from Santa (Portable North Pole)
Found 8th Nov 2010Found 8th Nov 2010
Just a heads up that this will go live next week. Santa’s REAL communication console is back! For the third year in a row, Santa Claus will be online with his PNP console during… Read more
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Great xx


Only just got round to doing this today. Was brilliant. Did one for the wife too, which was funny.


this is a great thing for children my son has just watched his massage a loved it my son was amazed




Excellent site, my son loved the video we put together for him.