Porto Decanter with four glass sippers - £19.99 + £2.98 delivery @ DrinkStuff.Com

Porto Decanter with four glass sippers - £19.99 + £2.98 delivery @ DrinkStuff.Com

Found 13th Dec 2011
I have these and paid double in a shop about six months ago. They are lovely and a great xmas present for any wine drinkers. Normally £29.99 which is cheap already. £2.99 Delivery also brings the price to £23.98
There's more to wine than simply red or white, there are countless different varieties as well as branches of the wine family such as port or sherry. Each different variety has different qualities that can be appreciated in different ways, but the one certainty is always that it must be drunk!

To help you on the way to becoming a port connoisseur, the luxury Porto Decanter Set from BAR@drinkstuff is the perfect kit to enjoy the sweet taste of the fortified wine with some friends and savour the flavours.
The set consists of a fine glass decanter with 4 branches, each of which holds a special port sipper glass.
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Cold, cold cold. You don't drink port like this! You may as well put it in a brown paper bag and sit in the park at lunchtime...
How do you drink it? I like drinking outdoors by the way, a dabble at lunchtime ahhhh

How do you drink it?

With cheese....

With cheese....

and with more port

I quite like this idea so hot from me although that probably due to me having a big nose and struggling with "proper" port glasses, only down side is hanging the sippers on the decanter (chips ahoy!)

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