Possible 2,000 Free Holiday Inn Priority Club Points

Possible 2,000 Free Holiday Inn Priority Club Points

Found 21st Jun 2012
I found this site while searching for some free priority club points. It works very well and the points are updated into your account almost instantly.

Note: I couldnt get the US quiz points for some reason and only got 1,400 in total.

Please note you might have to email the holiday Inn to get your details again, if you dont have your account number sometimes your email will do instead (as long as you have your password).

You can't really get anything free for 2,000 points but its a great top up if you already have some points on your account.

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Cheers, got all 2000.
Thanks, I got 1,500 points heat added. The last set of Chinese questionnaires didn't work though.
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The US and UK sites wouldnt duplictae for me so I only got the 1,400.

Thanks, I got 1,500 points heat added. The last set of Chinese … Thanks, I got 1,500 points heat added. The last set of Chinese questionnaires didn't work though.

Same here if anyone finds a way please tell us
I got 1400 thanks

The Chinese quizzes didn't work; the other three did though. The points don;t appear to be updated yet.

excellent, got all 2000 thanks
Just checked my balance. All 2,000 pts credited. Many thanks 'marco21UK' for your post. A very good wee freebie indeed.
Only got 800 points added, for some reason?

Thanks to OP, free points anyway



Just done two more again, another 600 points added now,
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I got 2000 as well. Didn't do anything special - literally just opened a survey, completed it, submitted it then moved onto the next one!

Got 1500
Great spot. I've got my 2000 pts too.
That's brilliant, thanks very much!!! Deserves to be very hot!
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Brilliant.. Thanks OP. Heat added. Got 2000 pts.

Couldn't get the Chinese quizzes working at the end it kept saying to enter my member number and answer al the questions even though I had!
Excellent, had one of these cards for ages and never had a point on it until now - 2,000 points for me.
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did you register first to get an account or went straight to quiz?
Thankyou. Just had problems with the last quiz i think it said i had already taken the quiz. Few points better than none! Thanx again
thanks, managed to get them all
Thank you ;-)

1,700 points credited for me (a prior member, with miles earning preference).

Do note that the Terms and Conditions state This exclusive offer is valid for original recipient only.
Thanks op
2000 points for me. Thanks a bunch!
cheers, got 2000.
if anyone is getting the Japanese ones not working the message "请注意:您必须输入会员号并完成所有问题。感谢您的参与!"
means "Please note: You must enter your membership number and complete all the questions. Thank you for your participation!"

I've double checked i have answered all the questions but it's still not working, any ideas?

also - for anyone not already a memeber - these points along get you a music/game down load and nothing more -
a teatowel set needs 8,000 points!!
I keep getting "Error: Please try again." after answering and doing the captcha at the end

Points Earned:
thanks but what can i get for 1500 points?
Got all 2000 straight away, thank you
Great find! Got all 2000 points and I didn't even realise that I already had over 2000 already!
Heat added.
thanks OP... 2,000 points recieved....just need a 1500 more points to get a free night then...ban here comes mayfair...if
Having problems logging in, keep getting the same message

Please note: To receive the bonus points, you must provide your membership number and answer all questions. Thank you very much!


have tried both my priority email and my pin number, got the same answer on both, any offers ???

have even logged into my account, still makes no difference
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how odes it take to refresh your balance?

completed the quizzes correctly not showing yet

Hurray! got full 2000 points. Nice freebie. Thanks OP.
Managed to get 1500 here, thanks.

thanks but what can i get for 1500 points?

I wouldn't imagine you'd get anything. This is a hotel loyalty card - to really get anything you need to stay in their hotels! This is just a bonus.
Another gem from HUKD. Cheers!!
I got all the 2000 points. Kudos
Cheers, got all 2000 points. HOT!!!
worked for me i received all 2000 points.
Thanks OP
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