possible 4200 xbox points for £20  @ Very

possible 4200 xbox points for £20 @ Very

Found 16th Sep 2010
Okay, please don't bite my head off if this isn't a 'deal' AND PLEASE note that this is in reference ONLY to those who tried and failed to get the previous expired deal of 2100 points for £6.95 from very/woolworths. I would post it on the previous thread but it doesn't seem to exist any more.

With that in mind - many will have been contacted this morning by very/woolies informing them that the previous deal cannot be done and you'll hear a number of different excuses including that they're out of stock (which I rebuffed by pointing them to their own site), references to their terms and conditions etc. AND that the deal only applied to orders over £25.

So... be polite, but tell them that the order should still stand if you make it up to £25. I did this by changing the order to the 4200 pack of points which is £35. They will honour the discount - albeit they will charge you the full amount first them refund the £15 and politely argue that you should not be charged the delivery fee as you've been waiting for 5 days already.

Hey presto - 4200 points for £20

For those of you who didn't take up the previous offer this is still good if you have the old code - according to the dept. manager (sorry, can someone show it again please as I didn't keep a record). You will of course be charged p+p of £3.95 but it still makes a good deal if you want 4200 points instead of 2100 (I do as I'm needing all the Mass Effect 2 DLC to continue my addiction)


You have more chance getting the 4200 for £20 then the other deal, but still given the company's track record, dont hold your breath

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can someone explain the cold votes. Sure - the whole issue was a disgrace - but this is a way of salvaging something good out of them at least??!?!

Given the choice of putting the phone down or getting a decent discount, I chose the latter!

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wondeboy - maybe you're right, but the money has been taken from my account, and this time I spoke to a real person, got his name and his direct number. If this post survives until tuesday delivery then I'll let you know.

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lol, getting cold in here. Off out to get some september sun!

I ordered one from the previous posts... via paypal and yesterday, I got a paypal refund for the amount that was charged. Looks like Woolworths isn't honouring the deal.

spoke this morn to them

lady said out of stock so cancelling, i said no probs just send me it when there in stock. HOLD. They are in stock but will need for you to pay now. Ive already paid. HOLD. we are a seperate call centre to woolworths so cannot resume order. you must pay £19. No i didnt pay that much. how much did you pay? £3. £3!!. HOLD. manager; hello, i have to ring woolworth enquires with your situation and ill call back.

Ring ring. hello we cannot process your order as the code was a mistake. it should have only been for very.co.uk and not for woolworths. so i ask; at what point is a contract made? when i select online? when it is dispatched? when you take money? ergggggghhh ummmmmmmm. HOLD the code isnt for that site.wotever as long as my card isnt charged. no it wont be. bye

They seem to be not allowing this one......

Surprise, Surprise, Littlewoods group not honouring a voucher, you are just lucky they did not charge you full price and leave it at that.
But still people will continue posting with the codes, despite the items not being a deal, so should only be put in vouchers section................

The power of the consumer.................Very (and their sister companies) have, or are perceived to have, effed over their customers so, unless they were to honour a "give us a quid and we'll give you a hundred back" then I can't see any Very deal doing anything other than freezing........ever.
They might have some good deals, they might not, but that's pretty irrelevant to the vast majority of potential customers who check this site out...........now, if they'd honoured the mistakes that they made a) they'd have a decent reputation and b) they might make more effort to not make further mistakes/misprices within their systems............although clearing up from their mistakes must cost them a small fortune every time.............maybe.

Hi, Woolies sent me a part refund of £3.95 this morning but have still kept the £3??? No phone call or 2100 points yet? Anyone else had this one?


Hi, Woolies sent me a part refund of £3.95 this morning but have still … Hi, Woolies sent me a part refund of £3.95 this morning but have still kept the £3??? No phone call or 2100 points yet? Anyone else had this one?

yep. i rang them and they said they will refund in 2 stages and a mistake had occured. said i will receive the other £3.95 in the next few days. they also said the £15 code wasn't valid. if it wasn't valid it wouldn't have worked on the site.
anyway they have lost my custom in future

I managed to get 4 orders off to members of my family and got £60 off in total on 4 transactions.

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well, just to let you all know, my points came in the post this morning - I paid the full price of £35, but phoned up Very and the bloke kept to his word and has refunded the £15 - 4200 points for £20 and no postage either.

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