Possible good wine deal at morrisons from thursday
Possible good wine deal at morrisons from thursday

Possible good wine deal at morrisons from thursday

Just stocked up today loads and loads of wine that Is currently on offer that ends tomorrow. I have been told that there is a good deal to come on thursday on that wine. Which will be similar to the Stella 24 pack and the Stella/Bud deals last weekend.
Will only last until monday though.
just thourght id let people know to put off their shopping until Thursday.

Morrisons dont sell online BTW


Thanks for the advance warning, wish Morrisons had online service like Tescos etc.

On Line Would Be Good.... Their Just Old Not With It Yet...........

I asked my local morrisons only a couple of weeks ago about going online and the response I got was the majority of customers don't want it as they like to walk round and see the offers.

I wish they would go online as I prefer morrisons personally to asda and tbh I am not use to tesco.

They will have to look at doing it soon or they will lose a lot of custom once the older generation deminish.:giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

Some of us older generation (I'm 59) do use online for everything including grocery shopping. However, my experiences with two different stores using online shopping for groceries has sent me back to going into the store, eyeballing the goods, buying them and then taking them home.

Why? Well Iceland and Tesco used to keep sending the wrong items, the drivers wouldn't/couldn't wait until the delivery was checked and so it then became a wrangle with the store proving that the delivery had either items missing or that substitutions were of lower value items. Each time we eventually got replacement items or refunds. Remember that we were paying for the privilege of going through this with almost every delivery. The final straw was when Tesco rang through one morning, just a few weeks back and said that they couldn't deliver the order - no reason given even after asking. Given the option of cancelling or fetching the stuff myself so I opted for the latter. Then when I arrived at the store I had to have a discussion with a supervisor (or is it team leader these days?) before they agreed to refund the delivery charge.

Recently several of the neighbours, inc. ourselves, tried one of the box delivery vegetable systems. After a couple of weeks we all realised that the 'farmer' was having us on as the quality of the veg was similar to that he was feeding to his sheep and the quantities were low. We stopped using his system although I see it is still advertised. I grow some of my own vegetables so know what they should look and taste like. Just another rip-off by the look of it or someone who didn't really care about giving good service - just wanted the money.

Some of us oldies remember when grocers delivered to the door free of charge and it didn't need a PC to do it. You just dropped in your order book or gave next week's to the delivery driver and it was all done. No delivery charges either as it was a standard system. Mind you without the supermarkets the groceries were much more expensive so they didn't need to charge for delivery.

So, us oldies have seen it all before. There's nothing new in this world - just different ways of achieving what has gone before.
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