Post Apocalyptic Fiction - After The Event Super Boxset:  Kindle Edition - Free Download @ Amazon

Post Apocalyptic Fiction - After The Event Super Boxset: Kindle Edition - Free Download @ Amazon

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Dystopian masterminds James Hunt, author of "Broken Lines: EMP Survival,” Roger Hayden, author of “Terror Rising,” and J.S Donovan, author of “Zika: Last Hope,” which have collectively accumulated 200+ five-star reviews, come together in this SUPER BOX SET for the first time! That’s FIVE complete book SERIES .

Terror Rising: A Sleeper Cell Kidnapping

A threatening video message from an ISIS sleeper cell sets off an irreversible chain of events where one border patrol agent finds herself facing a ruthless terrorist leader, a frenzied media, and a clueless government. With her own family’s life in the balance, Angela Gannon is forced to take the investigation into her own hands with a rogue CIA agent hell-bent on revenge.

Zika: Last Hope

Seven years ago, the Zika virus mutated. What was once the cause of congenital abnormalities is now humanity’s greatest adversary. As society faces imminent collapse, Mara Murdock, a cynical beat cop with nefarious connections, finds herself in possession of mankind’s final hope. A hope thousands would kill for.

Broken Lines: EMP Post Apocalyptic Fiction

Mike Grant, a veteran welder for a Pittsburgh steel company, is at work when an EMP wrecks the entire country. With no transportation and no way to contact his loved ones, Mike has to combat the panic stricken city to find his father, reach his wife and children in the suburbs, and escape to their cabin in Ohio.


Captain Dylan Turk has found himself trapped in a world of terror and destruction. Egyptian radicals have blackmailed him into running bombs and weapons for their terrorist organization. With his back against the wall, he’ll be forced to save either his family or his country.

Radioactive: A Dirty Bomb Prepper Survival Story

Southern California is home to sand, surf, and fun in the sun. Jim Farr, a former Naval Intelligence Officer, owns a maritime mechanics company and works as a contractor for the San Diego Naval Base. It’s a normal day on the job until explosions go off. With the Naval Base destroyed, and word of attacks happening around the country, Jim has to get to his sister in Phoenix… But that’s just the beginning. Follow Jim along in this three-part action packed series and find out just what happens when the bombs go off.


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