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With a history stretching back almost 500 years, the Post Office is one of Britain’s best loved institutions. It’s a place to send post, buy stamps, exchange currency, save money, take out mortgages and credit cards, and even purchase landline or internet services. It has branches in every UK town and offers plenty of discounts. All the latest offers can be found at the HotUKDeals Post Office pages. Read more

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Longest 28 months with 0% apr on purchases @ the Post Office. This is also fee free abroad too on purchases. Great for holidays
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
For smart spending at home and abroad Check if you're eligible for a Platinum Card without affecting your credit score here Provided by Bank of Ireland UK. Post Office Limited… Read more

Does this work as a fee free payment option for the likes of Amazon Spain etc?


My application accepted, just love these 0% purchase rates, I must have saved a fortune over the years, thnx OP


IE5 isn’t in circulation, it’s not relevant at all.


What is the maximum possible credit limit?


9/10 on eligibility and they have an app (y)

Free Personalised response from Santa @ Royal Mail / Post Office
Refreshed 28th NovRefreshed 28th Nov
For all you Mummies and Daddies! 🎅 ✉ Royal Mail have a service that will send your child a personalised response from Santa! Send your letters to: Santa’s Grotto … Read more
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To the bin or a government database ;)




Dear Santa, I would like to have the willpower to resist all the things I don't need on HUKD. Can you please make this wish come true before I start adding to my collection of a 100 pair of socks, my pallet of reduced Andrex toilet paper I purchased from Amazon, and every other object that appears here? Regards, Bankrupt Citizen


The NSPCC Santa letter is more personalised to each child than the Royal Mail Only difference is you are asked to make a donation (they suggest £5) but this is optional and you can still get it for free


Does anyone know if the postage dates are that strict? If I got them in the post first thing on the 8th? (Thinking of doing it with our Beaver Scouts)

Unlimited Broadband - £15.90 a month @ Post Office (New Customers)
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Quick Switch: if you're with BT, TalkTalk, EE or Plusnet, we'll handle the switch over and you won't need to cancel with your current provider. No Broadband monthly price rises du… Read more

£52 cashback via topcashback too


does this include line rental? can't find it in the small print anywhere


Talktalk r doing fast 77-80mb for £30 18 month contract


Hmmm food for thought. Post office telecom are quick and helpful. Thanks for your advice


Be careful with Now TV. If you join and have no problems, you’ll be fine. However,if you need to call them for anything at all, you’ll face immediate problems... long hold times, then unhelpful staff. Best of luck!

ADSL Broadband £15.90 a month 12 months - £190.80 @ Post office (new customers)
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Cheapest Ive seen, shame I just signed up to talktalk at £17.95pm
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Once they give you an offer as an existing customer you can't call and get a better deal. I got them to give my family an extra 1gb in total 4GB mobile data and unlimited minutes and texts for £8 a month. I called up and told them I'm switching BB and asked for an offer they said there's nothing we can do. Called up multiple times as well.


You can leave after the 12 month contract? Like me and alot of people to rejoin BT as a new customer to get the rewards...


Just south of Far cotton, NN4. I think im just over the 28 days as it ran in parrellel with Virgin media that couldnt keep the line up either


Which part of Northampton? And did you know you get 28 days from the day you reported problem? Have you tried that avenue?


If you need calls too it's worth spending the extra and going witb now BB for fibre at £25 all in + £70 tcb possibly

Free Royal Mail Reply Letter from Santa
Refreshed 24th SepRefreshed 24th Sep
Royal Mail link is not yet live HERE but just noticed the Post Office now have the info on their site, so expect the Royal Mail link will go live soon :) The letter sent to Sa… Read more
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No, it's definitely Santa, Grandad.


What's more important here is Father Christmas is being referred to as 'Santa' as if it's socially acceptable! We're not American!


I did this for my 3 year old daughter last year and he didn't reply! Don't know whether I'd risk it again this year!


but why do we have the Z team?


(lol) Hardly! Scrooge would endorse the Royal Mail Santa service! (y)

25% off Post Office travel insurance when buy travel money from them
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
25% off Post Office travel insurance when buy travel money from them
You need to buy travel money from them first to get the voucher but then you can get 25% off your travel insurance - just in time for the holiday!

Tesco currency for me.


Where to buy travel money at a good rate?


got a quote from them for a family holiday, they want 4x the amount for the insurance (based on other quotes) and they give a crap rates, i'll pass


If its not to late get a Halifax Clarity card ,pull out cash from an ATM when you get abroad at the real interbank rate (better by at least 5% than what you will get at the Post Office ). Other cards /methods are available but I suspect that the method you suggest will not get you the best overall deal . :(


I would hazard a guess that their Travel insurance rates are not the best either . Check on a compare site - As you always should .

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Post Office phone only , just £11.50 per month (inc line rental) - £138 for 12 months
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
Post Office phone only , just £11.50 per month (inc line rental) - £138 for 12 months
Keep it simple and stay connected. Just £11.50 a month (12 month contract applies). If you have a friend or relative who doesn't need broadband then this deal is for them. They mu… Read more
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thanks , but she doesn't get any benefits


If your mother gets pension credit or some other benefit then she could get BT basic thats only £5.10 a month.


Phone only for £11.50 seems a good deal to me - heat


A very good find thank you. heat from me 🔥


possible £40.40 cashback at TCB

PO - 28 months 0% on purchases but also worldwide with NO fees. So no fees abroad. Most cards with long introductory periods charge a foreign transaction fee
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
PO - 28 months 0% on purchases but also worldwide with NO fees. So no fees abroad. Most cards with long introductory periods charge a foreign transaction fee
Yes Clarity doesn't charge for cash machines but there is no introductory period either. So saves having two cards! Cash Machine fee of 2.5% (minimum £3) so not too bad but at… Read more

Only gave me a £4900 credit limit even though I have a credit score of 995/999 with Experian.


Pretty good in my opinion, on par with Tesco, M&S etc, but unlike those they don't seem to increase your limit automatically.


Can’t even check here, form says filled out incorrectly despite everything spot on. Says email address don’t match when they do. Idiots.


How generous are they for credit limits though? No point getting one if get offered a measly credit my opinion.


9.5 out of ten for me. Maybe you closed a bank of ireland product within the last six months or something

Post Office credit card 35 months 0% transfer
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
Post Office credit card 35 months 0% transfer
0% on balance transfers for up to 35 months* 2.85% balance transfer fee 0% on purchases for the first 3 months All 3 current PO CC (and offers 25/28/35m 0%) have a “Fast Check… Read more

Balance transfers are when you transfer your credit from one card to another, usually to get a better rate of interest. Money transfers are when you withdraw the credit as cash or transfer it to another bank account. If the rates are good they can be used as an alternative to a loan.


Wish I understood how credit cards worked. Why would u need to transfer money?


Yup, I had a Aqua Card for this years ago, credit was fine but it was a advantage to the card (y) even imported some online EU tobacco years ago that was cheap as :) £5 or £15 in the U.K. :/ That was of course when I smoked and couldn’t get my brand in the U.K. due to packaging revamp. (be aware if EU tobacco warnings aren’t in the national importing language customs can cease and destroy on mail order/internet bought)


The same reason why I have this card, use it abroad to get the best rate on purchases at the time of shopping. Even buying from foreign shops online and getting sent to home the best rate.


I have one of these Post Office cards, great for travelling as 0% fee for using overseas in restaurants, shops, etc.

Post Office Platinum credit card – 28 months 0% on purchases and fee-free overseas
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
Post Office Platinum credit card – 28 months 0% on purchases and fee-free overseas
Hey…. So, the Post Office’s Platinum card is worth a look. It offers: 28 months 0% interest on purchases Zero fees when you use your card abroad 18 months 0% int… Read more
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There is a 35m transfer deal on:- 0% on balance transfers for up to 35 months*2.85% balance transfer fee0% on purchases for the first 3 months I just applied for this though and got 4.5K, I only wanted to buy a more expensive than average fridge freezer and pay it off over 28 months and have the 0% abroad but apparently I’m credit worthy - I’m going to open a Post Office Current Account as their branches seem to be closing down at a slower rate than the actual big UK banks! Thanks Bank of Ireland for Post Office Money (lipstick)


This stuff about rates abroad really depends where you go. When we go to Romania we take cash and change it at well known exchanges. Better rates than any card/bank option because there's so much competition. Of course, some people prefer not to carry cash so there's no perfect solution.


Theres a set rate from MasterCard for exchanges.


£30 Quidco as well


I Agree with using a credit card to purchase things for protection, but each credit card company has different exchange rate so blanket 'credit cards give a better rate' is not always right (it also depends what rate you are comparing it to)

One Year free life insurance if you have child under 4 @ Post Office
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
One Year free life insurance if you have child under 4 @ Post Office
Check the webpage for full details - free cover upto £45,000 for 12 months. Cant get cheaper but may give someone peace of mind. As with all insurance please read the terms and co… Read more

I've recently adopted a son, and applied to a few places as I have very little pension and no policies at moment. Was rejected from 4 companies due to a pending visit to a specialist for something that turned out to be minor. Have to wait 6 months to reapply. Sounds silly but I'm so happy I've now got £30,000 cover incase I croak it in. next year due to accident. Definitely nice having that peace of mind. Thanks so much OP and Sainsbury's bank person 😘


itll give more piece of mind incase of accidental death Sending link to my son as he has a 3 mth old


This is disgusting! It's only giving men more of a reason to commit suicide! You can tell that they clearly didn't think this policy threw.


Great stuff, thanks op


Just taken out post office and sainsburys cover for my other to make it look like an accident... (devil)

Post Office 30 months 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers​ Plus extras
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Post Office 30 months 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers​ Plus extras
With our Matched Credit Card you'll pay: 0% on purchases for the first 30 months 0% on balance transfers for the first 30 months For every balance you transfer there's a fee… Read more
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is this for new customers only? i currently have a post office CC which i've had for years.


Can anyone advice of what the credits limits they usually offer with this card? I know it's based on income and other factors. But anyone can give me like a simple rule of thumb type of calculation (if there is one), E.g. if your income is £XX,0000 you're like to get a limit of £X,0000 Just would be handy for me to know, as I need to apply for a 0% card soon!


Took a card out with PO beginning of August and have only just had confirmation im getting the money. Not even had it paid yet. Quidco DGAF about amounts over £5 and are far too slow to chase the money. They’ve really gone downhill the last year or so.


And refused on the quick check.


anyone know if you can BT from an existing Post Office cc?

Post Office 95% LTV mortgage, five-year fix at 4.14%, no fee
Found 8th Dec 2017Found 8th Dec 2017
Post Office 95% LTV mortgage, five-year fix at 4.14%, no fee
Another 95% mortgage for people with just 5% deposit or equity. The Post Office has a five-year fix at 4.14%, fixed for five years. There’s no fee and you get free valuation p… Read more
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Personally, rather than fix for so long at such a high rate, I'd go with a cheaper 2y fix, pay down some debt over that time, hope house prices go up and remortgage at a lower LTV and better rate after 2 years.

Free ODEON Cinema tickets with purchase of Sasco Yearly Planner (£4.86) via Post Office
Found 25th Oct 2017Found 25th Oct 2017
Free ODEON Cinema tickets with purchase of Sasco Yearly Planner (£4.86) via Post Office
This is not directly through Odeon but Post Office have a promotion currently going on, such as for a purchase of Sasco Year Planner you can get a free Odeon 2D cinema ticket. To … Read more

Is the £4.86 one in the offer? Sasco Portrait Super Compact Year Planner 2018 - 2401861 It does not show on the link


It doesn't appear to be Post Office exclusive to me unless I've missed something? Could your local WHS sell these? Colchester main post office had no idea about selling these


I guess it should be as there are no particular restrictions to new releases


Would the new Star Wars be eligible for this free ticket? The terms say it must be a Standard 2D film showing. The free cinema voucher is supplied in the form of an e-voucher code that may be exchanged for one ticket with a standard seat to view a standard 2D film showing at any ODEON cinema in the UK and Republic of Ireland except: Leicester Square, The Lounge at Whiteleys and BFI IMAX.


Please note that only one claim and entry per household is allowed.So if you want to go with your wife pay full price!!, meerkat is better imo

Varta High Energy batteries - Post Office Shop - £3.04 (+ £2.99 delivery) Free delivery over £30
Found 6th Oct 2017Found 6th Oct 2017
Varta High Energy batteries - Post Office Shop - £3.04 (+ £2.99 delivery) Free delivery over £30
Been buying the Wilko own brand AA and AAA batteries and they've been ok but don't last that long in the kids' toys, etc. Seen these Varta ones are well regarded at Battery Showdo… Read more

Fair points - I personally quite like a drawer full of batteries for the kids toys and not mucking about too much with charging. I went for 120 AAs and 24 AAAs and got free P&P so the unit price is much cheapness.


They are still just alkaline batteries, far better to buy NiMH rechargeables which last much longer and can be reused.


£5.99 delivered for prime members

Free ANY BANK banking at your post office Pay in & Withdraw with debit card.
Found 5th Oct 2017Found 5th Oct 2017
I wasn't aware of this, others may not be. You can use your debit card from any bank to pay in and withdraw cash from the post office. I knew many withdrew using the debit card but… Read more
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As someone who works for PO. Let me tell you what your need to do regarding banking. For depositing cash you need your debit card. This will depend on your bank for example, Natwest & Halifax don't offer a deposit serve with PO so always check with your bank before deciding to wait a long time in a queue and ending up wasting your time. for cheques, yes we provide you with the deposit envelopes but we DO NOT provide paying in slips as they are personalised. So, you pop your cheque + paying in slip in the deposit envelope and hand it over to the staff and you will given a receipt saying the Bank name and cheque deposit. The value will say £0 because we do not see what is inside it as that is between you and your bank. That receipt however IS proof you have sent it off so hold onto it. Hope this helps xxx


You can't I'm with nationwide and also work in post office you can only withdraw


You can request at your bank or over the phone to get a card sent out which you can cash deposit at a post office. If you're depositing with card it goes in pretty much straight away but with go to deposit slip this will take 3 days at least. It doesn't depend on the bank it depends on your card 😁


Straight away with card and 3 days or more with go to cashing in slip


^^^ pillock

Buxton Still Mineral Water 500ml - 24 pack £9.77 / £12.76 delivered (1-3 days) @ PostOfficeShop
Found 13th Sep 2017Found 13th Sep 2017
Buxton Still Mineral Water 500ml - 24 pack £9.77 / £12.76 delivered (1-3 days) @ PostOfficeShop
Can we get water boiling hot 🔥
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I would be more worried by the Post Office delivery. Nodoubt the parcel would be either left on the doorstep to be nicked or packing would be ripped open with some bottles missing with tons of Royal Mail sealing tape around the parcel.


You can't - others can. You're comparing a Focus with a Sandero - yes they both have wheels and get from A to B, but in different ways.


It's water out of a spring, all tastes same,, I can't tell difference


Clean water ?


Not like-for-like

6 month interest free (and 0% fees) for balance transfers for existing Post Office credit card customers
Found 31st Jul 2017Found 31st Jul 2017
6 month interest free (and 0% fees) for balance transfers for existing Post Office credit card customers
This is for Post Office (and more than likely bank of Ireland) card customers only cold votes incoming (yes you can get longer deals for new cards but I don't ever recall an offer… Read more

Not on my account.


Good idea for anyone in debt. Great time to pay it off


this is for existing customers and balance transfer from existing other cards! Account specific but Barclays run account specific stuff like interest free and low interest rates on balance transfer for life etc... Not really hot as you might as well balance transfer to a new card and get 33 months plus .58% fee and £20 cashback therfore reducing your balance! I understand people get sick of changing but maybe a low fee card such as the looyds one at 5.7% apr is less than .5% a month makes it good for small to medium size purchases.


looks to be only for Balance Transfers :( You will pay 0% interest on balance transfers for 18 months. A fee of 3.5% will apply. Terms and conditions apply, please see below.


You don't do anything, as this isn't suitable for what you want. Although to be fair the post doesn't mention anything about this being a balance transfer, so I can see how the mention of 6 months interest free could be confusing for those not familiar with transfers between cards. A balance transfer is used to move funds from another credit card. If you only have a Post Office card, having a balance transfer offer from them is useless to you.

Post Office 30 months or two and a half years 0% purchase credit card good for that big item
Found 22nd Jun 2017Found 22nd Jun 2017
Post Office 30 months or two and a half years 0% purchase credit card good for that big item
This Post Office card offers you 0% for 30 months and will give you the full 0% period if accepted. Need-to-knows You'll either get the full 30-month deal or you'll get rejected, … Read more

Some credit card companies let you do a pre-eligibility check, and won't affect your credit rating as it only does a soft search


Glad I'm not the only one who's not eligible for this credit card despite having a near perfect credit score...


I applied for a loan and hoping to get the advertised rate of 3.1%, I have savings well in excess of the loan amount in Santander 123 and other current accounts paying nearly as much as the advertised rate. I was looking to neutralize the amount of the loan interest, but still have the money available to do other things with my savings if needed. Credit score took a massive knock they offered me the loan but at 16.9 % obviously I rejected the loan. I think the credit card companies / loans are getting wise to people who use their products sensibly.


I have /had excellent score,and was rejected. Be careful lads and ladies,it registers on your credit search.


Credit score is not as hard to fix as people make out. You can severely dent it and rebuild it all in the same year if you are quick enough with payments. It's one of those things that is more disheartening to see if you always keep a close eye on it than anything else imo :{

Thorntons Classic Easter Eggs 223g 3 for £10 Sheldon, Birmingham Post Office,
LocalLocalFound 14th Apr 2017Found 14th Apr 2017
Thorntons Classic Easter Eggs 223g 3 for £10 Sheldon, Birmingham Post Office,
I saw this today and i think they have a load of Easter eggs they want to get rid as i think that is why they are doing this offer
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