Pot noodle (All Varieties - 90G) - Only 45p at Tesco (online and instore)
Pot noodle (All Varieties - 90G) - Only 45p at Tesco (online and instore)

Pot noodle (All Varieties - 90G) - Only 45p at Tesco (online and instore)

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All varieties of pot noodle are 45p at tesco (both online and instore).

Valid from 4/1/2011 until 9/1/2011


Vile things. Heat added for price for those who like to slum it by eating crap like this.


I did a sicky burp last night, about three hours after a roast chicken dinner. It tasted exactly like the 'juice' in a Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle. And that's as good enough a reason as any for not wanting to touch the things with someone else's bargepole as far as I'm concerned!
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do people really need to be so insulting

new year, same old rubbish comments

(btw i am aware of the irony)


Some people choose to find honest opinions insulting, some people choose to find high calorie, nutritionally deficient processed junk food insulting to them. People choose their priorities in the strangest of ways, but as they say; "each to their own"...
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Original Poster

Fair enough, but I think the whole point you're missing is that this is a site for deals. I personally don't eat these things either but it's nonetheless a good deal for those who want to. If that isn't you, that's fine, but you would be better off on a diet site if you want to talk about the nutritional value of pot noodles.

Wouldn't everyone be better off picking one of the pot noodles from any of the chinatown shops? They're def better than Pot Noodle. I'd recommend the noodles with a cartoonish picture of a fat chef on them - delicious stuff.

Good quick snack.


Delicious, gonna go stock up now!, have some heat.
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