Pot Noodle King 114g (all varieties) £1 @ TESCO

Pot Noodle King 114g (all varieties) £1 @ TESCO

£1£1.3224%Tesco Deals
Expires on 19/11/2019 at 23:00Posted 29th Oct
WAS £1.32 NOW £1 🔥🔥

Varieties include:

Chicken & Mushroom
Original Curry
Beef & Tomato
Bombay Bad Boy
Sticky Rib
Bbq Pulled Pork
Chinese Chow Mein
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Thanks, son likes these but I will only buy them when on offer!
Do people even realise there's 90 grams in a pot noodle and 114 in a king but the smalls are almost always 50p????
I voted cold just because this is rubbish (unhealthy) food, come on people we can do better than this!
Pot Noodle, for best results... return to shelf
Prefer the own brand ones. I hate it when they take all the bad stuff out of foods/drinks. I’m hardly eating it to get my daily nutrition
Pot Fallout...for all your nutritional needs!
How is this hot when 2 x standard Pot Noodle packs cost £1 and contain more?

Let me guess, they will say, "But it is a large pot." Same as the fools who buy Pepsi Max cans from Costco for more per can than Tesco and say "But, there are 30 cans in a pack". They so stupid that they cannot work out the cost per can.

The world relies on "thick" people to boost profits.
Same price as co-op has been for a few weeks now
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