Pot of Dreams £4 @ tesco direct

Pot of Dreams £4 @ tesco direct

Found 13th Nov 2013
Well I was looking all over for one of these little boys pot of dreams.. and they were up over £10 but NOWHERE had them stocked anymore!

Then... I saw them on the tesco website for only £4 (full price!!!!!)... thought it was an error as had no stock so registered for stock alerts anyways and here I am a few weeks later telling you all... Iv just recieved a stock alert..

For £4 collected this would make an absolutely lovely present for a christening, birthday, birth, christmas, or even if your kids r going to a birthday party.. for 4 quid... they are absolutely lovely!! Stock up now and put them away for later on!!
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thanks op. Ordered.
Just be careful as tesco have just launched smaller versions in store of the pot of dreams and this looks similar to those. Does it tell you the height?
Just checked the site- these are the kid version so are a lot smaller than the normal ones
yeah they are slightly smaller but not much.. think its 2cm all around! sure all the kods ones r smaller though! Im just v happy iv finally got one to put away as a little stocking filler for my boys savings! xx
They are really cute though and still worth it! X
These go down to £1 after Xmas.

(You didn't hear that from me)
oooh even better :-) I am bound to have a million birthday partys over next few years with a 2 year old hehe!! x thabk u x
oos :-(
yeah none left was good anyway
aww poo! maybe I shudnt have sed to stock up lol x
They had loads in my local Tesco this evening, they're lovely and are a bargain at £4. They're double the price in Clintons! x
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