Potential Deal on Anything at Tescos / Reclaim unused vouchers
Potential Deal on Anything at Tescos / Reclaim unused vouchers

Potential Deal on Anything at Tescos / Reclaim unused vouchers


This might not be great for everyone if you keep on top of your tesco discounts, however - I've little doubt some of you are a bit like me and have forgotten Tesco's love

Simply goto the link posted, you'll need your tesco card handy to log in. Be sure to enter the whole number, including the 634004 - don't put any spaces in.

Then click "Your Vouchers" on the right and hand side and see what you have/haven't used. If you want your unused vouchers reissuing TO SPEND INSTORE - simply call 0800 59 16 88 - with the voucher reference from your login. To spend online simply copy the code and paste it at checkout.

Being forgetful I've just landed 12 months xbox live and 2100 point for £26 - nearly 50% less than I would have paid - happy days!

For people that have moved houses/emails address' its worth checking and correcting your contact details to


ps. This was posted in the free section but after several people found money they'd not claimed I thought it'd be worth posting here, apologies to the mods if this isn't in the right place

Alternative to the 0800 number : 01382 822200
- BeeKeeper


wow thank you, i always used to think that you lose the ones you didn't use, i'm gonna go spend mine now

Thanks a lot. Just found £10 I didn't know I had.:)

Thanks for the heads up! I just registered and found £33.50 of vouchers from 2009 that hadn't been used.


I just found £9..


Thanks OP
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This is a great fairly newish facility that Tesco now have. I used it back in October before the vouchers decreased in their value so got the best use out of it. Only had £10 outstanding that I hadn't known about but was still worth finding as I converted it to £40 of restaurant vouchers at that time.


I never thought to put this up as a deal, but great thinking! I already have a Clubcard account but this is awesome for people that don't

You are fantastic - thanks!!! I thought I was up to date on my clubcard vouchers but just checked as you describe and found an additional £11 from 2009 that were about to expire. I hadnt known about them so would have lost the money if it wasnt for you!

Nice find OP, have some heat.

nice one.

£53 since i moved house in april

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Glad so many are finding they've got a bit of extra ££s to spend

Awesome, found vouchers from last year that I'd forgotten about!

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Phone number added so you can get Tesco to reissue vouchers for use in store etc

Great find. Heat added..

£5 for me thanks very much - every little helps (oops wrong shop ha ha )



I randomally came across this weekend and found that I have got about £25 worth.

Didn't realise it was a new feature and just thought I'd missed it before.

Good effort!

If you're registered to use the vouchers online, it'll also give you the codes you need, so very handy for me!

Also have £9 from 2009, I don't even shop at Tescos much.


Nice one. Will check when I get home....

Heat and thanks....

Just checked mine and have nothing left to spend VOTED COLD !!!

I found £14.50 (although i knew i had atleast £5 lying around at home!)... This dates back to Aug 2009 but i am sure i had an account registered at my previous address which i didn't use the vouchers at.... any ideas how i claim that back??

thanks heat and rep

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boo @ Boro :oP

Top one so far said they'd found nearly £100 in there. Jealous!

Bigwill - you'd need your club card I'm afraid

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Just found £19 in unused vouchers. Thanks again

My god! I thought I'd used all my vouchers?!

I would highly recommend anyone who has used a Clubcard before... even out of curiosity! I had £6 in my account from 2009, when I was sure I'd used every voucher I'd had!

What a bloody brilliant idea!

Thanks for that

Can't get on it at the moment because when I enter my postcode it puts in my street with an incorrect number in front of it and there's nothing I can do, this happening to anyone else?


£5 for me thanks very much - every little helps (oops wrong shop ha ha )

No, you got it right. That's Tesco's slogan, not ASDA's lol.


£5 for me thanks very much - every little helps (oops wrong shop ha ha )

nah you got the right shop

£14.50 for me to spend, thanks for the post

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Virtual Insanity - Call them on the number

I had £21.50 to spend... thanks!

I wanted to spend mine in store. They just cancel the vouchers and the points go onto your Next Statement (april in this case)
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I found £4.50 I didn't know I had! Thanks.

Just gained £3 thanks

posted here already, no? hotukdeals.com/fre…609 (hang on, i see it was the same user who posted both!)

I was so pleased to get the email about this, i've lost a bunch of vouchers. Got £13.50 to spend!

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gutted i dont have any missing ones

This is a great post, I didn't have any to spend though! Heat added regardless.

Brillaint, another £10 I didn't know I had. Very hot!

Brilliant! Thanks for the heads up – I’m keeping this site as one of my ‘favourites’. Just found vouchers that will expire at the end of March this year that I didn’t know about.
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