Pots of Dreams Money Box 10p @ Tesco

Pots of Dreams Money Box 10p @ Tesco

Found 26th Jan 2015
Pots of Dreams Money Box marked up as 50p, but scanned at only 10p.

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    Can you use the self scan thingy to price check?
    Which store please?



    Can you use the self scan thingy to price check?

    The self scanners display the price of an item when it's scanned so yes it can be used to just check a price, if you don't want that item in your basket you press 'remove'. Hope that helps
    I'll have a look in the local here, as it's a 'small superstore' - might not have it and we don't have the scanners so do it at self checkout
    still £2.50 in alerton road Liverpool good find thou..
    I never understand tesco. its scanning at £5 in edinburgh at hardengreen and on the shelf it says £8.00! makes no sense at all for a national company. great find tho heat added!
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    Southend Extra, Prince Avenue.
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    Actually, 50p was the ticket price for another design of which I didn't like, the 10p (Pamper Pot design) was marked up as £8.
    Nope they weren't in my local
    Great find
    £8 in my store
    Ticketed and scanned at 50p at Eastbourne

    Can you use the self scan thingy to price check?

    Yes you can as if you change your mind you can just re-scan as remove.
    Found some "little monkey" ones for 50p in Tesco Batley
    managed to.find 2 in another tesco which scannedcat 10p. Thanks again
    50p at Milton Keynes Kingston- Holiday found and Little Monkey's money pots.
    I paid £1.24 at tesco derby.
    Wow it say £10 on the shelves and now an argument to reduce the price
    picked one up from Bridgend
    how long is this deal on for
    I got monkey one for 50p and the festive ones for 10p.
    Thanks alot OP just got 4 of these 2(pots of dreams) for 10p each and (1x monkey, 1x holiday) for 50p each still plenty on the shelf rest of them were scaning at full price
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