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Pound Bakery deals: great tasting food for around £1 @ Pound Bakery
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th MayLocalLocal
You probably have a Pound Bakery store near you, so here are just some of the best deals they do... Note! - NO voucher needed, regardless of what the website says. These offers a… Read more
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"I hope this has been useful". 905% of HUKD users (who have never heard of this company before) - "No, it hasn't been"


'Let them eat cake!'


Its not so grim up North. Although we don't have the buses, the trains, or the jobs that the forgotten Londoners have got. WIll just have to console ourselves with cheap cakes (y)


Flipping Northerners get everything up there. What about something for us poor forgotten Londoners? (cheeky)


Actully, ive seen it in both

HALF PRICE Mince Pies at Poundbakery 4 for 50p
Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
HALF PRICE Mince Pies at Poundbakery 4 for 50p
The Poundbakery are doing half price mince pies on Black Friday only 50p for 4. Had these before they're pretty good and won an award this year from british baker. Just need to sho… Read more
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They wouldn't need to charge a quid for it in London. They could fund the rest of their business just using London and charging 3 quid


I believe they have looked at opening shops in the South but can't get the numbers to work with sourdough and rye bread for a quid. :D


what is this pound bakery malarky they speak of, must be the devils work as none in the south ;)


Yes and the surrounding areas


Stuff like this are ok, their flapjacks are nice, but sandwiches are poor and breadcakes cheap tasting..

Valentines meal deal £3.50 @ pound bakery
Posted 11th Feb 2018Posted 11th Feb 2018LocalLocal
Valentines meal deal £3.50 @ pound bakery
THE CHEAPEST VALENTINES MEAL DEAL IN THE COUNTRY!!! Fancy staying in this Valentines? Why not Poundbakery & Chill with our amazing Valentines Meal: 2 x whole Pizzas (choose fr… Read more
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Why would you insult your other half on Valentine's Day by buying them a meal from here ?


I was joking. Fyi I was a chef for 8 years so no Macdonald's for me mate


I mean with that logic might aswell go and save your reciept from mcdonalds and get a big mac and fries for £1.99


Old school


... I'm guessing if some people cooked for there other half it would probably say they don't like them that much

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email from Pound Bakery - spend 50p or more on anything and get a free spooky gingerbread man!
Posted 5th Oct 2016Posted 5th Oct 2016
email from Pound Bakery - spend 50p or more on anything and get a free spooky gingerbread man!
I'd forgotten I was on their email list! they've not sent a voucher before. states to print it but maybe worth trying showing on phone? until 9 October.

​Honestly I don't think it is. Quality of the food is awful. Pay 50p more for your pasty and get one that's about 3x the quality.


First one was in Atherton, Greater Manchester (Wigan)


well my local Sayers is still Sayers and doesn't sell the same awful food that poundbakery does..


​its not a different chain at all lol Sayers changed there brand name to Poundbakery but still are operating as Sayers as a business.


but Gregg's stuff is nice..

Megal Lunch Deal At Pound Bakery £2
Posted 19th Jul 2016Posted 19th Jul 2016
Megal Lunch Deal At Pound Bakery £2
For £2 you get a sandwich, Drink, Crisp Packet & cookie.

​ :D


​haha, it's a well earned Lunch Meal ;)


Crisps and a cookie?! Jesus... That's just greed.


was taken from their Facebook Page https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1270488632985161&id=142116165822419


If they were to give a packet of crisps with this deal it would be great, but as it stands you apparently only get a crisp packet. Pity. :p

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2 Meat & Potato Pies/Steak Slices for £1 @ Pound Bakery
Posted 10th Nov 2014Posted 10th Nov 2014
2 Meat & Potato Pies/Steak Slices for £1 @ Pound Bakery
I've noticed that Greggs have been edging up their prices lately, probably due to lack of competition in their sector. But not to worry , Pound Bakery is here! Currently they have… Read more
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I thought it was meat and 2 veg. 8)


Ello,ello,ello. What's all this then? Speaking out of turn could land you in trouble sunshine.


Sadly no branches in London!


saw a horrific photo of a pound bakery sausage roll doing the rounds... the purchaser had stripped back the pastry as her kiddy only eats the sausage and it was pretty much COVERED in green mould! I no longer shop there! :-(



£1 breakfasts at poundcafe
Posted 10th Jun 2013Posted 10th Jun 2013
£1 breakfasts at poundcafe
Forget Poundland... now there's Poundcafe! Hundreds of customers flood new eatery in one of Britain's most deprived areas to get a fry-up for just £1 Sit-down cafe in Kirkby, Me… Read more

Oh I so hope this catches on!!


300 people is only £300. Not worth it really. Wonder what the meat is? Flamedeer?


Great Idea and Red Hot deal!! Saying that I usually spend £8.95 on a cooked breakfast on the rare occasion I get one .... but for people who are on the breadline and can't afford to waste thousands a month on gambling like I can, this is a great deal! 300 people on first day - you have to give credit where credit is due! business is business


I find some absolutely ridiculous comments on here. It's a site for deals yet so many people make stupid comments complaining about the product. It's a not a site to rate how good/ bad something is its one to highlight deals to others who may be interested. For a pound no one is expecting a breakfast similar to what you would get at the Ritz! But I find it hard to argue with anyone who doesn't agree £1 is a cheap deal. I wouldn't expect the meat to be gourmet standard, and yes you can prepare healthy breakfasts at home for a similar price . It's a cafe and if you fancy something hot and you aren't fussed about eating butchers choice sausages and are on a budget, having a treat by having breakfast out is a good deal. I am told the cafe is similar to all the Sayers cafes and the quality is What you expect from a bakery/ supermarket cafe. The pound bakery is fine, some good deals and then somethings which would be cheaper to get in the supermarket. Wish all of you who make stupid pointless comments would stop, if you don't like a product don't buy it and this is a site where people pass on tips as to where to get things on offer etc not to endorse or critise products.


What has sausages made from bread and hens eggs from crippled battery farmed chickens got to do with politicians? It's £1 because it's crap food. Nothing to do with politics.

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