poundland fishtank and accessories £1

poundland fishtank and accessories £1

Found 24th Oct 2015
fish tank and different accessories poundland
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these fish tanks r no good .. not big enough for a fish
Although it will get voted hot, it will kill any fish you put in it in a short time, please don't buy.
agree with above comments, far to small to keep fish ....... fish cruelty
not gold fish but a couple of danios would be ok surely?
A great solution for anyone buying those robofish toys etc for Christmas I'd say, but not real fish as would agree far too small.
If you're looking for a small tank for real fish, then in Home Bargains / B&M they do a complete cold water set, tank, air pump, accessories etc, for about £13, which may be useful to some.
Too small for any fish.
These should be out-lawed for anything other then those robofish toys.
not evan danios... you wouldnt evan fit a filter in it .. then have room for anythin else
cant believe its actually labeled "Big fish tank"
voted hot for accessories
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