Poundland Flickering LED Tea Lights pack of 4 perfect for Halloween Pumpkins batteries included £1.00

Poundland Flickering LED Tea Lights pack of 4 perfect for Halloween Pumpkins batteries included £1.00

Found 12th Oct 2015
Pack of 4 LED flickering tea lights, with batteries included, also available in green. Much safer alterative for Halloween carved pumpkins, just tried them and they really do flicker, look realistic and glow for about 10-12 inches each way. Found in Chelmsford store.
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Any chance of a pic of them in action please?

Any chance of a pic of them in action please?

​I did try but my camera on my tablet isn't the greatest, didn't show up very well and didn't look very good, just looked bright white when it's more orange and couldn't see how far it glowed very well. Will try again later with digital camera that has more settings, but might not get chance to do that until tomorrow. The picture from the website with the 4 out the packet is the right colour that the flame lights up, clear when turned off. When I tried it in the dark it glowed orange fairly bright for about 6 inches and continued to glow for nearly a foot each way total, flickers gently not flashing and looks like a real tea light would. Hope this helps in the meantime
They take CR2032 3v batteries
Missus got some last year...

Complained to me that they must have a dodgey connection oO

I should have encouraged her to take them back for a refund X)


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Best I can do, I can't find my camera and I'm not carving a pumpkin! really don't do it justice though, glows for further than looks in photos, colour is not accurate, it glows the orange of the flame in the deal photo. I think it would be bright enough and look nice in a small to medium pumpkin, probably should light up a large pumpkin but might not be very bright. Hope this helps
I bought some of these last year and tbf, they lasted for the Halloween evening. If you need them for any longer or want them a bit brighter, it's worth buying 2/3 packs then putting two of them into a carved pumpkin - it looks even better! Especially after the awful story & experience that Claudia Winklemans' poor daughter had last Halloween, children about or not, these are an ESSENTIAL Halloween alternative to tealights IMO.... HOT from me OP telegraph.co.uk/new…tml
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After reading about kids costumes setting alight as they're classed as a toy and and don't need to be fire resistant I'm all for people getting these. Buy a few packs if needed.

Story here
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I completely agree with you both, that was why I got these for my nephews as I wouldn't want them anywhere near a candle. I had some like this last year, but never come across the flickering ones before, hopefully this will get more people buying these or similar instead of taking a chance with candles.
You can't hold a candle to the real thing.
Genuine tea lights are a serious hazard when used irresponsibly so heat for the fact that these may be used instead by some.
Just a word of warning, these aren't ideal for lighting up the inside of a pumpkin. They don't kick out an awful lot of light, but look great on windowsills and walls!
seem quality.

Cool, Bill Bailey the pumpkin.
These are normal lights which happen to flicker due to bad connections, it was cheaper of them to change the packaging and rebrand them as "flickering tea lights"
Fork Handles?
How much are they?
oo fab I'll have a look, heat added
hmm, poundland, I'm not entirely sure how much they are!
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