Posted 16 March 2023

Poundland Monopoly Only £5 instore @ Poundland (Wigan)

£5£1567% off
In store: Greater Manchester · Poundland Deals
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Utter bargain. Poundland Monopoly for a fiver.

Do not pass Go... get Poundland Monopoly now and get out of jail free this Easter with the perfect gift
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  1. hukdjps's avatar
    Holding out for £1
  2. god's avatar
    Who would buy this?
  3. romanburasc449a's avatar
    They should make quidco version. After going through start it should say "due to circumstances out of our control you're getting nothing at all but we do apologise"
    Pualle's avatar
    They should make a version for Topcashback fanboys like yourself, where every roll of the dice results in cash and everybody wins.
  4. Somersett's avatar
    OK, now I'm sure I'm fully through the Looking-glass. As a freebie promotion, this makes sense- sort-of. If the Poundland 'branding' had any kudos, which by definition it does not.

    But why would a person willingly pay their own money to promote the Poundland corporation, unironically of course. Yeah you might buy this as a joke pressie - and even that is giving the corporation an undeserved victory.

    I mean the darn gaming board even has "Poundland- amazing value everyday" printed on it in giant letters. You peeps do understand the concept of advertising? That Poundland should be paying YOU to play this game?

    Years ago, this would have been manufactured as a corporate giveaway for employees. Today they can actually stick it in their shop and find people who'll pay their own money to buy it. This reality is fracturing.
    Besford's avatar
    And then there's Greggs clothing at Primark!. Now that really is dragging Primark down!
  5. Pualle's avatar
    I'm hoping in Poundland Monopoly everything is a pound.

    Buy a property : £1
    Add a house : £1
    Pay rent : £1
    Pass go : £1
    romanburasc449a's avatar
    Sadly in poundland nearly nothing is for a pound...
    Since it became extremely expensive store I stopped going there.
  6. bushmaster80's avatar
    Is there anything they won’t license??

    Coming soon:
    High Street Charity Shop Monopoly

    pre-order now to avoid disappointment!
    SecretOfMonkeyIsland's avatar
    Yeah, definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel license wise. Guess you have to ignore the branding and just enjoy Monopoly on the cheap if your a rare person that doesnt already own a copy.
  7. Canopus's avatar
    Managed to get this last year (actually the last day of the year) for the same price (edited)
  8. bookdream's avatar
    I posted this deal around the start of January.
  9. 5lugger's avatar
    Poundland monopoly for 5 pounds? Cheap I suppose
  10. watson44's avatar
    not the greatest version of monopoly and the same goes for the Home Bargains one which also ended up being sold for a fiver too
    minifig290's avatar
    Not that I've seen, my local two Home Bargains still have the HB version for £15.
  11. ra11's avatar
    Absolutely love it!!
  12. tor126's avatar
  13. Roger_Irrelevant's avatar
    We've got this lined up, I did read the instructions but they seemed a bit complex.

  14. No_Data's avatar
    £5? Does this mean there's 5 copies in the box?
  15. god's avatar
    Fancy a game of Poundland monopoly
  16. Glasshalfsmashed58's avatar
    Does anyone else find the idea of this depressing?
    All of the old shops disappearing and pound shops popping up in their place.

    And now they're celebrating this decline with a board game. What next? Food Bank Kerplunk? (edited)
  17. louiselouise's avatar
    Wondering if the banker only has £1 notes! Though I'd probably buy this if I was near a store - they've been in stores for ages.
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