Poundland Xmas stock reduced to 10p

Poundland Xmas stock reduced to 10p

Found 7th Jan
Just been to my local Poundland and all their Xmas stock was reduced to 10p. Wrapping paper, cards, Xmas hats and stockings, Tree decs, etc. Worth stocking up for Xmas!
My local is Maidstone London road, for those who asked


25p in my local
One still

Checked in Manchester. Still 25p

25p in Stockport xx

25p in Hanley and Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent.

where was your local as you didn't say

So much for "last chance" 25p items as advertised. Lol.

25p in my local and it said last chance to buy....so if they go down to 10p. won't be best pleased

25p in my local too.

No one else has found a 10p store yet this still goes hot?!

Voted cold

25p in Bexleyheath


No one else has found a 10p store yet this still goes hot?!Voted cold

Agree. Voting cold now.

mine 25p too in southport and Ormskirk

Great stocking fillers.

25p in Leicester this evening. Bargain at 10p though.

25p in Lancaster this evening

25p in Canterbury

10p in reading store. Got loads of stuff still.

25p in Glasgow too
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10p in Maidstone industrial Park

Thought this was called Poundland ?

25p nuneaton n that was bout 5pm i went

25p they are.

Head office set the prices on the tills. Staff cannnot discount items to 10p. There is no fuction for it on the till.
25% 50% or 75% is all store can reduce unless head office has set the till, which i cant see them doing if one poundland has them for 10p gling through the till all poundland stores will.

Was still 25p when I was in store just before 9pm (Argyle Street, Glasgow)

10p in Baglan, Port Talbot

25p in Reading except the wrapping paper is reduced to 10p

I don't know about now but before Christmas our Poundland had a massive range reduced to 30p and tons left but not been since Christmas so don't know how much it is now

Still 25p in Leicester!

Definitely 10p in leicester now
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